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Sabaton are a five-piece metal band from Falun, Sweden.

Combining soaring power riffs with distinctive deep vocals, their lyrics focus on the exploits of war, from ancient historical battles to modern acts of heroism.

Their electrifying live show - which features a full-sized and firing tank - has won numerous industry accolades, while two of their eight studio albums are certified platinum sellers.

Their most recent album, The Great War, reached #1 position in the charts in several countries including Germany and Sweden.

The band, who are signed to the worlds biggest metal label Nuclear Blast are doing over 100 shows every year all around the world.


4:08SABATON - Kingdom Come (Official Lyric Video)
2:41A teaser from the future...
A teaser from the future...visningar 89tn14 dagar sedan
3:26SABATON - Firestorm (Official Lyric Video)
SABATON - Firestorm (Official Lyric Video)visningar 314tn14 dagar sedan
0:36Sabaton announcing THE TOUR TO END ALL TOURS!
5:16SABATON - Panzerkampf (Official Lyric Video)
3:33SABATON - Talvisota (Official Lyric Video)
5:59SABATON - Unbreakable (Official Lyric Video)
4:11SABATON - 40:1 (Official Lyric Video)
SABATON - 40:1 (Official Lyric Video)visningar 361tnMånad sedan
49:40SABATON - The Art Of War (Full Album Experience)
2:18Joakim & Pär talk about Defence Of Moscow (pt. 1/3)
4:15SABATON - Defence Of Moscow (Official Lyric Video)
4:43SABATON - The Royal Guard (Official Lyric Video)
4:46SABATON - The Royal Guard (Official Music Video)
4:43SABATON - Livgardet (Official Lyric Video)
SABATON - Livgardet (Official Lyric Video)visningar 554tn4 månader sedan
5:03SABATON - Livgardet (Official Music Video)
SABATON - Livgardet (Official Music Video)visningar 2,8mn5 månader sedan
5:25SABATON - Bismarck (Live at Wacken World Wide)
SABATON - Bismarck (Live at Wacken World Wide)visningar 226tn5 månader sedan
6:29SABATON - Panzerkampf (Live at Wacken World Wide)


  • *K R I E G S M A R I N E E P I C*

  • 22 år sedan start och dom är fortfarande Sveriges bästa band

  • tank you very much thank you

  • He is indeed the king of the skys

  • It’s official..... I am a Sabaton fan..... great music to listen to at the gym, you Swedes are making this American shed some pounds and pack on muscle as well..... Thank you.

  • They need a badass song about churchhill

  • I just wish I could read Russian. Love to see the comments

  • Dam I wish I would have discovered this band long ago. I've always love the history of both wars. Sabaton is very good band

  • Seem like cod zombies

  • R.I.P

  • I swar my favourite currently active band the best genre historic metal

  • Sad metal noises from Tirpitz

  • i remember their interviews, their details etching into my mind, how the heat of the spotlights spelt doom, their stories of burning planes and downed sisters. those details haunt me, and i have utmost respect for each and every one of them

  • Bavarians be like 8-2 all the way -' the tap up of 2014 a man from Warsaw.....

  • This is the oldest song? (I wanna see how Sabaton improved throughout the years)

  • I believe this story will live on through the millennia, thank you Franz Stigler, thank you Sabaton, thank you SElists.

  • You should share this with the current 82nd

  • I would love it if someone could do a metal cover of this.

  • the dislikes must be nazi sympathizers.

  • 🤘🤘🤘

  • Great 🇸🇪

  • i heard this once on a meme then next thing i know i listen to this whilst playing for honour and tiding my room and my step sister always just walks by as i blast this i may be no religous person but this is well the best song known to man

  • Yeaaaaaah!!!!

  • This new song?

  • Love russia

  • It's not a secret that Sabaton employs thousands of onion cutting ninjas, who target those who listen to tracks like these around the world.

  • As a german citicen I will forever be grateful to these soldiers and their sacrifices! If it wasn't for them, we, here in germany would either be murderers or their victims. That is what my father (born 1922) allways said, and , without any doubt, he was right!

  • First time I heard this song a week ago I didn't put on subtitles but I found myself tearing up as I was driving.. I know zero swedish but this song spoke to me regardless..

  • I wonder if there will be a new sing u guys will make

  • Those 500 samurai than are something like the secret task force of the USA or Russia today only much braver...

  • Haner

  • First song i have been listening and totally loving it. Right now i just got to wait until the tank named after this song comes back in store for World of Tanks. Keep up with these cool WW2 themed songs 👍

  • I don't know anything about King Charles XII until I hear that song. But now I have a great admiration to him.

  • THE LEGEND WILL NEVER DIE Anti aircraft gunner:

  • “If I could’ve survived surrendering, I would’ve f*ckin’ done it already.” - what I like to think Gangl was thinking.

  • The best way to unite Scott’s is to say the English have been within 50 miles of Edinburgh.

  • За Гимн Союза ещё один лайк.

  • Poland at the time probably went: "I am not the danger, Skyler! I AM the danger!" They would have predicted the meme😂

  • Почти 7миллионов просмотров. Из них я просмотрел миллион.

  • Hearing that churchills speak and automaticly hear the intro of Aces High...

  • Liberty died when people stop fighting for it. Not in any other case.

  • It's almost over. The last witnesses are vacated leaving us alone. We thrive at being Independent - we need no one!

  • So stereotypically generic

  • просто у них яйца тяжелые были

  • Przepiękny kawałek w heavy-metalowym stylu (który kocham) pokazujący ludziom z innych państw historię naszego kraju. Dziękują Sabaton za ten świetny kawałek.

  • this sound is just exceptional, thank you for all these beautiful music i hope to see you soon

  • I love that the intro part goes from one head phone part to the other, gives the illusion that he is behind you going left And right slowly getting louder indicating hen s getting closer, scary.

  • Good to see your partnering with YARNHUB again

  • My grandpa told me that his grandpa fought at Verdun during WWI as a medic. He received an iron cross after the battle was over. It would be nice if he was still alive so he could tell his stories. Sadly he died in 1965. He also fought in WWII as a medic.

  • First text ever rommel to command "am at the coast"

  • I agree

  • they are the german who keep fighting just like the japanese group did

  • Без контекста, поступок нацистского пилота вызывает некоторое "уважение", но B-17 бомбил немецкий город Бремен, как-то после такого поворота очень неоднозначное впечатление о поведении истребителя. В небе, да, благородно выглядит, но на землю падали бомбы из B-17, на земле были люди, которые погибли. Песня огонь, но контекст, мне сложно такое понять...всё-таки союзники сражались за другие принципы, чем Советский Союз.

  • When you make hard trenches and then random Canadian soulder softly taps your shoulder before his rifle shoots your brother in the face

  • 🇨🇿 Szacunek dla 🇵🇱 braci. Great respect, brothers.

  • Legendry (:

  • Dziękuję wam za pamięć historyczną

  • Come on, you sons of bitches, do you wanna live forever?!?!?

  • This song is one of the many reasons I love Sabaton, I'm a huge history buff and they do songs on rare events that are almost never in books and because of that I get to learn about them through Sabatons songs. Thank you Sabaton for being [email protected]#% AWESOME!!!! P.S. You got some of the best lyric videos

  • Ballsy band covers ballsy band : ballsy²

  • I have just watched the videos made by searching groups who dig out the remains of Soviet and German soldiers in Ukraine. Sometimes cavalrymen were buried together with their horses. And one video impressed me, when they found German machine gun soldiers with boxes full of patrons! BUT THERE IS NO ROMANTIC FOR THOSE DEAD SOLDIERS. They are dead and often relatives don't know where their sons, fathers, brothers are laying.

  • Słabiutki numer ! Zupełnie mi to nie pasuje do koncepcji nowego albumu !

  • Does anyone else say “did you find the boat?” out load when you play this song lol

  • Very big respect from Finland

  • Who want Red Baron pizza

  • Glad to have been allied with Russia. Death to nazism

  • finnaly found what those fighter pilots who destroy me in bf1 listen to

  • Hollywood...why the hell isn't this a blockbuster yet!!

  • Is there a video without the female voice in the beginning??

  • RUSIANS: AAAAAA call an ambulance but not for me

  • The Hu? Uh hu

  • Germany in west Russia: yeah boiiii Russians in Moscow: I was going easy on you

  • When a music band gives me better lesson than my history teachers

    • @Sabaton You guys rock!

    • We like to think we are complementary lessons!

  • It is assumed he used his superior skills also to satisfy his sadistic side: Apparently, he liked headshots.


    • @Sabaton thanks

    • Did you know you can send your specific song topics to our website?

  • Even in animation, Joakim bangs his knee

    • It's inevitable

  • Italy respect poland 🇮🇹🇵🇱

  • So, did you find the boat?