A teaser from the future...

Publicerades den 15 jul 2021
A small teaser of what's coming... ;)
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  • Good to see your partnering with YARNHUB again

  • Sweet! Sabaton + Yarnhub = *EPIC*

  • You're tearing me apart Sabaton!! ( Lame ''The Room" reference) How much longer until this sees the light of day?.. 😉

  • Is that Yarnhub?

  • Ну не получается у вас в 3д , ну не надо его везде лепить

  • yarnhub

  • Greetings from Serbia.

  • A clip from the future? .....wait a minute...but that means it was already recorded....a...pre-recorded future clip!??! no that's impossible....>.> Time Ghost has a TIME MACHINE! I'm onto something here....

  • Ahhh YES back to the Trenches we go!

  • I cannot wait there stuff gets me thru my night job!

  • Yey! THERE WILL BE TURKISH WAR OF INDEPENDENCE! (Ssbaton please don't recommend me that page)

  • I know what I want for Hexmas!

  • Gay

  • See ea you dont need to make up history for women they have there place and they should be acknowleged for what they have done !!

  • god will defense serbia

  • Yarnhub + Sabaton =the best concert the world has ever seen

  • Sad to hear the Romania concert got delayed another year. Holding on to my ticket, still can't wait to see you guys live :)

  • Milunka Savic

  • An album about the Balkans. Bulgaria Serbia and the other Balkan countries have so much history (accept Macedonia who steals Bulgarian History)

  • All serbia Honor is gone during balkan war

  • Und wieder mal sind die deutschen Soldaten generell die Bösen. Ernsthaft Sabaton? Könnt ihr nix Anderes? Habt ihr euch mal mit dem gemeinen deutschen Soldaten in den Weltkriegen beschäftigt? Offensichtlich nicht, sonst würden auch Mal ganz andere Songs von euch gemacht werden. Ganz ehrlich - so langsam überlege ich mir, eine Initiative gegen euch ins Leben zu rufen.

  • De que pais es esa bandera?

  • Can’t wait to see you guys live this October!

  • This is exciting! Looking forward to the new song and album, Sabaton! See you in October!

  • Sir beia

  • Serbia was one of the bravest countries I’ve seen in history they stood against multiple enemy empires and did not waver it was a shame the French were too late but still mad respect to Serbia

  • Looking at this i Just remember about one of the many heroes from the independence war of my country, this one in especific was Maria Quitéria, who today is the Patron of the Corps of Support Staff Officers of the Brazilian Army.

  • I love these yarnhub and sabaton collabs

  • Hey Yarnhub is in a concert! Nice!

  • Lo que todo mundo está esperando un nuevo álbum de SABATON🤘🤘🤘.

  • We want more serbian song

  • Anyone here going to be at Blue Ridge?

  • I was there at the gig. Like halfway through the sound cut off and we were pissed lmao. Then at with like with a third or fourth left it was brought back. I just remember the dude next to me yelling "EXIT DICKHEADS TURN BACK BACK ON THE FUCKING SOUND".

  • Last Dying Breath?

    • No, this is brand new song. Last Dying Breath is about defenders of Belgrade who fought in 1915. Milunka Savic is another story.

    • Nope, they played that song earlier during the concert and played this at the end. I smell a new song, but we'll see... There's a video of the whole concert uploaded on SElists, so you can see and hear everything for yourself.

  • Sabaton X Yarnhub Best collab yet

  • Yarnhub and Sabaton The most epic crossover

  • Hold up this is yarnhubs animations, Hmm another colab perhaps?

  • Интересно

  • Waiting...

  • It was great show in Novi Sad, i enjoyed every single second of it, i'm glad i was on EXIT 2021 just because of sabaton, great work guys, keep doing it and i hope to see you next year on exit again!

    • @North pahahahahahhahahaha

    • During the Show it was Novi Glad (Badumm-tsssss)

  • I am starting to see a trend here All theese new songs are about people defending something The Livgardet defending the Swedish crown Soviet soldiers defending Moscow And now Milunka Savić defendinc Serbia

  • Sabaton and Yarnhub is a partnership made in Valhalla.

  • Omg it's about Milunka Savić. Amazing, can't wait to hear all of it

  • Kolubara

  • Концерт на фестивале в Сербии. Только посмотрел - охренительно, энергично, хитово. Особенно порадовал советский флаг у зрителей на песне "Битва за Москву"))

  • Next album: 🤘🤘🤘women of war🤘🤘🤘

  • Lol love how Pär gives narration at the begining😂

  • We want a song about Turkey. 🇹🇷


  • This is why I love sabaton. They take extraordinary individuals/ events practically unheard of outside the countries they relate to (e g shiroyama, far from the fame) and turn them into badass songs that make their fans (me at least) go "hmmm, think I'll go learn more about them/ that event!"

  • 🇷🇸🇷🇸❤️❤️

  • 🗿

  • the actual Wonder Woman!

  • Call of Duty: Sabaton History Class

  • I hope that Sabaton makes a song about the Polish Legions of WW1

  • I can't wait to see they live in Ohio, USA 🤘

  • simpaton

  • So Yarnhub and sabaton collab again? Alright im in.

  • one of few remembered heroes from the past. may the song be fire.

  • Neat

  • в раю сердце мозги #2:41 2:41 #41:2 41:2.

  • скончалось сердце #2:41 2:41 #41:2 41:2.

  • скончались мозги #2:41 2:41 #41:2 41:2.

  • продаю жизнь, рождённое мною слово.

  • в раю все.

  • санитары надо.

  • Serbia vs. Austria Hungary💂🏻‍♂️⚔️💂🏻‍♂️

  • Yes!!!

  • Yarnhub

  • I love Yarnhub so much

  • *Continues to patiently wait for Hungarian Revolt 1956*

  • We need a song about Skanderbeg! Gjergj Kastrioti!

  • I think by this Point Yarnhub migth aswell join the Band officially.

  • I know nobody give shit, but it would be reaaally cool to see 2 albuns inspired on south american wars

  • LTSSS GOOOOOOOO another song about Serbia I am soooo happy that my country gets recognition for its rather interesting history😁😁


  • nice.

  • Ooh boy... YARNHUB collab...

  • One thing power rock fans and history nerds like my self agree on… SABATON RULES

  • Sabaton is basically teaching us about history in the best way

  • 1:42 a lot of defense of Moscow vibes

  • Pog.

  • WW2

  • I see Yarnhub Me happy


  • Yes more yarnhub animations, they always bring a good visual to something that do not necessarily have historical films.

  • So are we getting another Heros album Great War edition?

  • Ngl I was kinda hoping something on the austrians themselves, but I am not sure about how much material there is from world war 1 austria, maybe a song about the 11 battles of the Isonzo?

  • This cannot happen fast enough for me

  • Battle of kolubara?

    • Yes, here's the reference: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Kolubara

  • Now I don't if there is a song about the particular battle, but since you guys have the Pascchendale song The Price of a Mile, can you guys do a song on the battle of the Somme, particularly the part where tanks were first used in combat

    • Someone beat me to it, but that's basically "Future of Warfare."

    • "Future of Warfare"

  • Can you make a song about Cher Ami, the pigeon that was sent by the Lost Battalion and successfully delivered the message to the headquarters despite losing an eye, a leg, and a shot to the chest?

  • Ok this us awesome i cant wait for the song and the sabaton history video

  • Yarnhub is the shit!

  • great now i wish didnt see this cus im now on the hype train

  • New song!?

  • Sabaton and yarnhub again =)

  • 396th

  • Um,i don't get itcan someone explain it to me?

    • Yeah, I'd say so

    • @Mina Cojanovic ohhhhhh so this is a trailer right?

    • This video was played at the end of their concert on Exit festival, Serbia. I think it's an announcement for a new song and this is what the video is about: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milunka_Savi%C4%87 & en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Kolubara. This whole concert is uploaded on SElists too.

  • I have seen a lot of great Sabaton animated videos, this was not one of them. Yikes.