Follow Sabaton to the Pressing Plant and see how the Gunpowder vinyl of The Royal Guard was created

Publicerades den 20 apr 2021
Follow us back to Gothenburg and the Pressing Plant and see how the very rare Gunpowder Edition of our latest single "The Royal Guard" was manufactured. And since we were in Gothenburg, a few old friends were invited to help us out... 😉
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  • Хоть я не фига не поняла, но было очень интересно.. Вы такие красавцы, что уххххх...

  • 0:31 with the music I couldn’t help but laugh, it’s just like too epic for just taking off a beanie🤣🤣 And 0:57 just looks like an ad with epic music 2:23 I didn’t know sabaton did a tutorial on how to "carfully" handle a rare vinyl that fans definately would want 3:18 best thing in the whole video🤣😂😅😀😐😶😒☹️😟😕😰 Don’t get angry, I love you guys at sabaton, keep your work, you are (even though not completely) underrated

  • caraioo na thumb parece q tao fazendo um baseado

  • If sabaton was not already badass, here we have sabaton members badass in slowmotion.

  • I hope there's not a re-making of the song Saboteurs. I am not ready to handle heavy water yet.

  • Reminds me that band that recorded in water and it was too digital.

  • Thank you now I can reload my musket without the help of my grandpa

  • No guys, gunpowder is made slightly different way))))

  • Love you guys

  • I thought you were gonna be smoking weed when I saw the thumbnail

  • Next time limited edition of vinyls would contain tank parts, so if every vinyl holder would gather in one place they could assemble a tank

  • Mikkey Dee FTW!

  • Sabaton has a gunpowder vinyl record . On the list of least surprising things

    • @Sabaton time it was!

    • Were you expecting that?

  • Новый альбом?

  • Vorsicht nicht werfen !

    • I laughed so hard after seeing that :D

  • *Русские, в атаку!* *Захватим и этот сектор, после Ледокола*

  • Молодцы парни👍👍 "Defence of Moscow" просто шикарен!!! Спасибо огромное 😊👍

  • Hi, I’m a big fan of your music and I was wondering if you have ever heard of Gate Pa? It was a battle in the British Tauranga campaign where the native Maori won a clever and hard fought victory against the invading brits and I this it’s a wonderful story. Not asking you to make it into a song or anything, because I can tell that would be a lot of work, but I think you might enjoy the story.

  • I Am a Warrior! I love War! I Love History!! I LOVE SABATON!!!! YEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why hasn't Sabaton made a song about this battle yet?

  • No video clip for Defence of Moscow? :/ its sad

  • I tried to find the defense of Moscow on Spotify, but I can’t.

  • I'd like to see a song about Carl Gustav Emil Mannerheim.. or finnish civil war.. or Aarne Juutilainen.

  • I hope once i can hear a song thats about some hungarian history

  • You guys can really be proud of what you have achieved! You made it all the way and still don't talk like you are better! I mean look how proud and interested you guys watch that vinyl production! So fun watching you guys being you! Keep on being heavy! 🤘

  • There are no accidents. -Master Joakim

  • Oi canta ai a musuca BARRACUDA da banda HEART

  • Sabaton: Mikkey, want to help us make some gunpowder vinyl records and make an appearance on our video… Mikkey: Text me the location…

  • I’m sorry the what vinyl?!

  • Can we have a song about Erich hartmann???

  • Shame I don't have a record player.

  • 2:30 Thats Mikkey Dee, the last drummer from Motörhead!!!

  • Why does it look like drugdeal ad

  • Snowy Shaw?!

  • Made a song about Eric Hartmann

  • Well I guess you could call it an explosive hit

  • I'm waiting for the defense of Moscow song

  • up next: sabaton solves world hunger

  • I thought they were making blunts

  • Can sabaton make song about Thailand

  • Next we see them build a Tiger.

  • here in the USA , we are told that europeans HATE GUNS , and dislike americans because we like guns ?? any truth to this,, or is it the DEM party blowin more smoke up our asses???

    • Depends on the region.

  • I regret picking up the blue/yellow marbel. Should have gone for this one

  • Bought the blue vinyl but the cover was all screwed up when i got it, i hate you DHL 😞

  • IT/ s my&

  • Кррасиво

  • I wish you would come to Vietnam on tour

  • Someone also thougth, If its weed on thumb ?

  • Braking bad

  • Which one of you replies to comments? Or is it all of you?

  • hi pàr hi joakim you guys are my favorite

  • hello how much do you like the czech republic. need as monuments or concerts (No hate please)

  • Hi sabaton can you record a song about polish bear Wojtek? He fought at Monte Cassino He wore crates of ammunition to gun positions and received the rank of corporal he was an ordinary bear but fought like a man unfortunately could not come to Polish his sewn homeland and died in a German zoo

    • Oh, please send your specific song topics to our website, so that we can take a closer look:

  • can you guys please do a song about Mad Jack? he is one of my fav. historical people. thank you!

  • Can you make a song about Hungary?

    • @Sabaton Thank you!

    • Oh, please send your specific song topics to our website, so that we can take a closer look:

  • Pls 55 days in peking I beg of you

  • Next song: Christmas Truce of WW1 for a happy song :D

  • *I looked at this for months now* *its beautiful*

  • 0:47 передача шпака



  • I love that the instrumental music is great war I think? 💓💓

  • I hear our uprising hits' but we need to forgett him!!!! Always remember' the fallen soldier! But not him....

  • 2:22 "Vorsicht, nicht werfen" Wer hält sich denn schon an solche Anweisungen XD

  • 2:22 so that’s why my LP came with a seam split

  • Hi from france, there was a battle near where I live that could make a good song, the battle of pont saint louis, during ww2, where 9 french soldiers blocked 3k italians from crossing a bridge

  • Hey friends, do we know if Sabaton has done any songs on the USA minutemen?

  • That man's hair at 2:45 is absolutely mesmerizing!

  • At this point we need a Sabaton movie. Plot idea: They get sucked back in time to Carolus' rule and save him from being killed

  • Song about the Roman Empire? Anyone?

  • From the thumbnail I thought that bro was rolling a blunt.

  • 2:22 I love how he throws it, even when the box says "Vorsicht, nicht werfen" = beware, do not throw lol

  • Dropping a comment that likely will not be seen. Idea for a song Last stand Of the polish postmen in Danzig ( bad spelling) No men of war were they. Though they stood through fire and blast forced to surrender though they were The enemy they forced to pay They held there home land to the last Civilians trapped inside, where No hope of reenforcement would ever come. ( Not trying to get noticed) just these men ordinary poles no hope of relief held there ground against an assault for days. Finnally they were trapped in the Basement low on ammo and still they fought. ( Partly remembering something really flammable) the Germans were forced to poor petrol into the basement and set it alight causing suffocation and massive burns to many that they were forced out. There post rubble and country occupied.


    • Did not Remember what I thought. Did attempt to surrender. But fought off much more then they were supposed to. Not full regular forces but more reservists. Still a story out of song. Men shot attempting to surrender because they embarrassed an enemy.


  • I’m a direct male line descendent of a polish solider. In 1939 the Germans invaded Poland triggering ww2. The polish armoured train set off to fend of the German panzers and defend the nation. My great grand father Edward Herman missed the train when it left, he joined the resupply convoy and attempted to rejoin with the train. On the trip the trucks were bombed with stukas and the guy next to him exploded. At some point during the defence of Poland he was captured andtaken to a German labour camp, where he worked for the entire war. He was in the allied half of Germany when the war ended and got his wife, a (alleged) converted Belarusian Jew who with he had a son max. They were aloud to immigrate to Australia. I am his great grandson by a direct male line living in qld Australia and I am proud of my heritage. Never forget the betrayal of Poland

  • Great War cover! Ohhh YES!

  • @Sabaton would you be performing live from the battlefield if World War 3 ever happens?

  • I just heard you guys two days ago and already I can’t stop listening to the last stand

  • Sabaton should do a song about the battle of 73 easting I could just imagine

    • Oh, please send your song ideas to our website, so that we can take a closer look:

  • Everything is cool when they do it

  • And at 2:30, one of the best drummer ever is helping, Mikkey Dee, That is Epic :)

  • Can I eat it?

  • Напишите про подлотку ссср

  • Even Vinyl pressning is made epic with Sabaton :D , hmm now I want one of those, and I must get a vinylplayer...

  • midnight bussin'

  • Should have signed a few labels, Willy wonka style...

  • of course joakim wears a paradox beanie xD


  • "Nicht werfen"

  • interesting, but why was Mikkey Dee there?

  • Just me that realised that Pär is short? He is like the swedish metal version of Gimli!

  • hoping that there's eventually a song about the tank crew of the "Fray Bentos" MKIV in ww1, and their last stand against all odds in the middle of no man's land

  • Bad ass!

  • Hey Sabaton!Great video. I suggest you to talk about the italian army against the japanese in ww2 in a future song.

  • Here's an idea: gunpowder-powered knee.

  • прелестно

  • Am I the only one that wants a Soundtrack Version of Livgardet/The Royal Guard?

  • Why in the "livgardet" video plays "the great war" Theme?

  • Plosives music, made by an explosive band, made in an explosive disk. Nice :)

  • This is the spirit that was since 2006 was the famous now. Good luck sabaton. Many years to became top musical channel

  • I'm a simple man, sabaton video exists and I watch it