Joakim & Pär talk about Defence Of Moscow (pt. 2/3)

Publicerades den 24 maj 2021
Following the release of the single Defence Of Moscow, Joakim & Pär take us back in time and remember their first shows in Russia with the Scorpions. Plus, they describe how it feels to be performing songs that relate to the crowd..
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========= Defence Of Moscow LYRICS =========

As the Wehrmacht overrun, Russia 1941
They don’t belong, we stand our ground, a million strong

We are ready for their strike, face the army of the reich
A million strong, this is our land, they don’t belong.

Hear Marshal Zhukov’s, and Stalin’s orders
Defend the motherland
Moscow shall not fall

Stand and follow command, our blood for the homeland
Heed the motherland’s call, and brace for the storm
Moscow will never give in, there is no surrender
Force them into retreat, and into defeat

Face the volleys of their guns, for Russia’s daughters and her sons
All the brave, who stand against the typhoon wave

From the mountains and the plains, come in thousands on the trains
Day and night, they're rolling in, to join the fight

From Kazakhstan to Magadan!
Call of the motherland
Russia shall prevail

Recorded and mixed at Black Lounge studios by Jonas Kjellgren.
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - Los Angeles - CA - USA .
Sabaton is a registered and protected trademark.


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  • They need a badass song about churchhill

  • Nor defend. Conquer !

  • What’s the music in the background. Sounds like a cover of one of the songs, and I like it, it sounds really good.

  • Is it bad that I'm German and would enjoy "The Final Solution"? It's just the best way to keep safe that such a thing will never ever happen again on German soil...

  • You are guys are amazing. 7 pillars of wisdom Defence of Moscow March of the Dead Man are the best

  • Who knows the name of the melody that starts from 2:16? Please help to find it.

  • Playing a song where it belongs. En livstid I krig live. Perfect

  • Hello fellow Sabaton family, We would like to start a petition for Sabaton to play "82 All the way" in Tennessee. So Sabaton, if you would, please go. Thanks.

  • Moscow is the capital of evil nowadays. Putin=Hitler.

  • You guys should make a song about the 2nd and 3rd of May 1808 in Madrid, Spain. The 2nd of May is the day that the citizens of the city of Madrid rebelled against the napoleonic invaders. The French responded with mamelukes, which brutally repressed the civilians. The next day the prissoners were executed. Although the rebellion in the city itself failed, it sparked the rebellion on a national level, which put a lot of strees on the French forces, needing reinforcements that were originally intended for the russian front, thus helping in the defeat of Napoleon.

  • Joakin & Par talk about the defence of Moscow, attack of the dead Men plays in the back ground

  • sabaton snälla gör ett klipp om den legendariska tanken spök vit tiger, som det var med den röda baronen, snälla se mig

  • Myślałem, że gościu z miniaturki to Carrioner

  • they should totally make a song about the empire of the rising sun (Japan WW2)

  • Sabaton is amazing. Definitely the best metal band.

    • Thanks for your support!


  • Sabaton 1.2M subscribers I know how everybody feels about the COVID-19 pandemic, which made many people in my country very upset. But that doesn't mean you can't find ways to have fun here in Iowa, (the state where I live) you can still go places and even visit national parks, restaurants, museums, and amusements parks just so as long as you keep 6ft away, bring a mask (just in case if you plan to walk through heavily crowded areas), and also play with friends (as long as you're careful). My Family and I are planning on going to the world's famous Iowa State Fair this August and we hope it not too crowded, not to hot (as my Dad really hates going to the Iowa State Fair on really hot sticky days), and also lets hope it goes well.

  • Sabaton Defence of Moscow karaoke version: If you want to see the lyrics easier and then sing, this link will help you

  • Sabaton should come the the United States and play the song Devil Dogs for the United States Marine Corps.

  • Is it me or is "defence" spelled "defense"? Or am i really that stupid?

  • Sabaton! You are to make an International rock-festival... In Moscow! 😂. Vikings, Slavs, Anglo-Saxons and others... For the Peace on our planet...

  • Hey guys, can you make another U-Boat related song? A collaboration with WOWS would be great. Because they have submarines now 😁

  • You guys should do a song about Leo Major. Deserves to be heard

  • Тесак жив!

  • How to increase the moral in your army #1. sing soilder-songs #2. Tell them, "later, we will be remembered, in a song from Sabaton."

  • We are waiting for the song "Defence of Leningrad" and your performance in St.-Petersburg

  • Спасибо Радио Тапок за песню. Спасибо Sabaton за кавер.

  • I swear if i ever hear sabatons song about Croatia leaving yugoslavia and the suprise bloody war with almost no weapons. Not many people heard it and even lots of Americans and orther countries look at it like "who gives a fuck a small country held up 1 city 1 line of defense for whole 3 months with no weapons tanks or even grenades of our own. Against a yugoslavian force almost 60% of russias size. Maybe im rambling on like usual but imagine.

    • Did you know you can send your specific song topics to our website?

  • Can't wait to hear this song live, sung by the Moscow crowd!

    • @Sabaton Had forgotten to check for news to be honest. Thanks!

    • Do you know how you can be one of the firsts to know when it happens? Visiting our tour section from time to time :)

    • @Sabaton I also can't wait for the band's return on a live stage. It feels so long since I booked that ticket and I need Sabaton live performances in my life ;p

    • That will be epic!

  • Do a vedio on the "battle of hydaspus" on indian perspective

  • Напишите песню про Ленинград и Сталинград!!!Пожалуйста!!!

    • Про Сталинград у них есть песня, так и называется "Stalingrad"

  • My favorite part was the ginormous orchestra in the background it’s always interesting to listen to the music in the background as well as the music that is presented

  • fck thease Red Killers history . Again they made Nazis bad asf and Soviets was nice good and a victim . They were worst the nazis . They where raping burning hole villages like in dark age . Even my Granpa was talking same . Never trust Red he gona stab ya in the back . And with Germans he have better memories . They bring foods to villages when commander was not waching . Why nobody talk about humans in SS who was just on order. Red was just mad and wild .

  • 1:30 and you played the Final Solition in germany

  • Привет! Вот перевод, часть вторая: Йоаким и Пар говорят об обороне Москвы (часть 2/3) "Йоаким: О, впервые в Москве, это вызывает воспоминания. 2011 год, я думаю, это февраль или март, может быть апрель, я не уверен на 100%. Может быть, даже в мае, но в 2011 году мы гастролировали со SCORPIONS. Думаю, наш первый визит в Россию. Мы поехали в тот тур. Там много хороших воспоминаний. Пaр: Это все еще очень эмоциональный момент, и многие люди еще не испытали его, но что значит быть в Москве, когда Scorpions играют Wind of change, это немного особенное. Й: Отличный тур в целом, я имею в виду, что нам удалось увидеть много России, мы летали в разные места с ними. И у нас есть много прекрасных выборов и прекрасных воспоминаний. П: И я думаю, это уже запечатлело в наших головах тот тур, что мы вернемся, и мы это сделали. И с тех пор мы отыграли несколько концертов в Москве. Й: Одна из моих любимых вещей всегда заключалась в том, чтобы сыграть песню там, где она принадлежит - за неимением лучшей фразы. Мы играли песню 40: 1 на поле битвы при Визне. Мы играли Uprising в Варшаве. Теперь нам предстоит сыграть Defence of Moscow в Москве. Итак, да, это сейчас в моем списке шоу. Да, я всегда любил эти вещи. И, как вы знаете, с точки зрения умникa истории, я полагаю, но также и с эмоциональной точки зрения для нас, а также с точки зрения реакции толпы, и это непревзойденно. Я не думаю, что люди осознают, насколько важна эта часть того, что мы делаем. В принципе, по крайней мере, для меня это то, ради чего я живу. Чтобы увидеть реакцию толпы, пока мы исполняем песни, и всегда ... у вас есть преимущество, когда вы поете, ну, не только о стране, но и о городе, в котором вы находитесь, поэтому такие моменты важны, и они важны для меня. П: Москва была одним из последних городов, где мы смогли провести большое шоу, прежде чем коронавирус остановил все гастроли во всем мире. Так что это одно из тех шоу, которые очень свежи в наших умах и в течение всего периода изоляции, и в эти времена это было много в наших умах. Наверняка это помогло и в идее записать эту песню, и помогло нам задуматься над ней. "

    • @Agnieszka Żuk Курск зато стоит и ждёт концерт )

    • От души!

    • @Kostyantyn Karimov Да, ты прав. Мне стыдно за эту ошибку. Иоаким мягко сказал: Lot's of good memories from there. «Там много хороших воспоминаний». A я услышалa: Not so good memories from there. «Не очень хорошие воспоминания». Совершенно другой смысл, но не задуманный. Однако я плохой переводчик. Прошу прощения, если я кого-то обиделa, и Иоакима тоже. Я уже исправилa ошибку. Спасибо за ваш комментарий.

    • "Думаю, наш первый визит в Россию. Мы поехали в тот тур, но воспоминания от него не самые лучшие." - воспоминания хорошие у него о Москве. Это у поляков может быть плохие)

    • @Atari Russia ну ты же атари хуле)

  • I was always hoping you played Bismarck at the coordinates where the Bismarck was sunk, but I guess that would have been a tad bit to difficult. 😉

  • Everyone: Metal bands have no feelings. Sabaton: "Seeing the Reactions is importsnt to us and a highlight of our trip" Sabaton is everything people say Metal bands aren't. Full of Humor, has emotions, gets excited over happy crowds and so on.

    • @Sabaton When music groups aren't human anymore, it has gone too far.

    • We're like...human 😉

  • Did anyone else hear a new song playing in the background? (If it's just me, I apologize)

  • 1:20 hopefully Sabaton Gettysburg at Gettysburg

  • 1:44 You can see tears in Joakims eyes as he talks about how emotional seeing the crowd is. Love that guy.

  • When comes the sabaton history episode of the song?

    • It will happen, sooner or later

  • Шведы молодцы,респект!

  • Brat Sabaton essa banda é Pedreira 🤟🤟🤟🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • I hope that we will see s Sabaton history episode about this new song

  • That concept of playing song, where it belongs is one of a reasons, why I love you guys

  • Salutări din România 🇹🇩🇹🇩🇹🇩🇹🇩

  • 並於今天的士高

  • Nobody: Automatycaly generated Dutch subtitles:

  • Well, thanks to that song I was able to focus on just studying for my finals and prepare as best I can.

    • That's great!

  • As much as I love this song and all the history songs as much would I love to have a song like metal machine again.

  • When Joakim says "emotional perspective" he probably means he got to drive a russian tank.

  • I just want to be there, when it's played live in Moscow

  • Hearing Joakim say "A History nerd." Makes me feel so warm inside. This man sounds like a powerful monster of a singer...and Is a big geek.

    • @PrivateDoge not a regular cut but at least is longer that his actual cut hahaha

    • My biggest personal mystery is what Joakim would look like with a bit more of a regular haircut, I need to know

    • Majority of the greats of metal are real nerds! Be it history, technology, sci fi, fantasy, film or whatever, most of them are class 1 nerds! And this is one reason why I'm bound by blood to the genre!

  • Tocando con Scorpions simplemente fenomenal sabaton son guerreros legendarios

    • @Sabaton gracias a ustedes por escribir canciones tan inspiradoras y por esos ensambles tan espectaculares y legendarios su nombre ya está con letras de oro en la historia del metal

    • Gracias por seguirnos, Jonás

  • Will we have you guys playing Fields of Verdun in Verdun someday ?

    • That would be epic!

  • Вот по моему мнению Defense Of Moscow, Bismarck и The Last Stand лучшие песни ваши!

  • Sabaton can you make a song of the battle of monte grappa in 1918? Ps: your song make me happy

    • Did you know you can send your specific song topics to our website?

  • Так им же на концерте в Москве придётся вместо соло весь гимн играть, зал то будет его петь целиком!😄

    • @Семен Михайлов просто наши политики не любят СССР, и так как люди будут петь именно его то могут повязать😆

    • @Famas Game а что, в музыкальном плане он чем-то отличается от нынешнего?)

    • Их повяжут тогда. Гимн СССР

    • Блин, а их версию гимна я бы послушал!

  • My favorite Sabaton crowd reaction I've ever seen is Last Dying Breath in Belgrade. Hearing the crowed recite the orders along with the voiceover just blows me away when I see it. It's also one of my favorite songs they've done, but that performance really stands out to me from the 'crowd reaction' perspective.

  • Do a cover of Wind of Change!

  • When will you tour again with the Scorpions? Do you have plans on collaborating with them on their upcoming album?

  • Ну шо, переезжаем в Москву ловить Йоакима)))

  • Hmmm. They like to play songs on the spot that are sung about them ... Do you think this rule applies to "attero dominatus"?

  • Sabaton, Вы большие молодцы. Хороший кавер.

  • People from Poland hears "Ghost Division" Also Poland "10/10 would get blitskrieged again for this song"

  • Joakim & Pär: speak in English. Subtitles: Dutch

  • OMG! You guys are the best! Love of my life! Come on to Brazil!! Bring Tobhie, I missing him a lot, he is wonderful!

    • @Sabaton Oh, UAU! I'm so happy!

    • We will! As soon as we can!

  • За Russian subtitres!


    • За отзвук нейтрона

  • *Нидерландские субтитры*

  • This is epic but when will there be a sabaton gaming channel

  • Om ni grabbar skulle vara med i mello med en reäl låt som till exempel Defence of Moscow, The Red Baron, Verdun, Livgardet o.s.v. skulle ni råvinna hela skiten och kanske till och med eurovision.

  • Joakim, Sabaton, many thanks for telling the Truth to the whole world not only in this song but in almost every song you've created. Sadly It's common nowadays to try to rewrite History. You stand firm and proud in your dedication no matter the odds. That certanly is honorable. Your music is not only beautiful but also real. Настоящая. Спасибо.

  • Now this is one of my favorite songs

  • We want sabaton on eurovision 2022

  • so when u come to the us on your tour, it says you're doing it with judas priests, how does that work like you play a few songs then they do, cause i am thinking about going to a concert i just never been to one before and was wondering how it worked

    • @Delete ok

    • One band plays all their songs that they want to play, then the next band plays all theirs.

  • чет гугл намудрил, в субтитрах перевод совсем кривой...

    • Ну, нидерландский слабо похож на английский

  • Горжусь Вами Sabaton!!!

  • Los amoo

  • The song is awesome

  • Спасибо что делитесь историями о России и вообще своим мнением

  • Просто ещё один комментарий от роцкера :D

    • да прибудет с нами рок!

  • you and everything you do is epic, keep up the work!

  • Literally slaps

  • Кста, 1) Очень многие ещё думают, что это песня Сабатон 2) Отношение лайкающих к дизлайкающим (на момент публикации коммента) = 369 - достойно

  • And with a little bit of luck, Bucharest will be one of the first places where you will sing during Corona.

  • Это же Тесак = Марцинкевич!

  • Умеете могёте, пацаны вообще ребята.

  • Next in the bucket list: play To Hell and Back in hell and then return home

  • Теперь я я поняла, почему Йоаким носит черные очки. У него глаза слишком добрыеXDDD

    • Я эту группу вообще недавно слушаю. Пару-тройку месяцев где-то. И просто выпала от диссонанса, когда впервые увидела Йоакима вне клипов))) Такой брутальный и мощный скандинавский мужик в клипах и песнях, но такой дружелюбный и чувственный няшка в интервью и других внетрековых записях)

  • Best

  • I really like how you praise all the best in every nation, so that through your songs we may finally come to the world peace, with everyone respecting each other

  • Sing about KATYN

  • Defence Of Moscow has one of the best if not the best chorus i have ever heard i mean when it starts to the end of the chorus its sends chills down my spine. This is one of the best songs i have ever heard and its a cover but damn they made it their own

  • Армия Радио тапка не дремлет))))

  • перевод дайте пж

  • i've listened to this song like a billion times already and it never gets old

  • To my point of view the text of this cover is more patriotic than an original one.