Sabaton announcing THE TOUR TO END ALL TOURS!

Publicerades den 2 jul 2021
We have all been waiting for far too long for this… And we are more ready than ever.. By the time we start this tour we will have a whole treasure chest of new songs to play along with a lot of other surprises.
- You do not want to miss The Tour To End All Tours!

Tickets & information can be found at

Mongolian rock band The HU as well as Finnish heavy metal veterans Lordi will be supporting us in this tour!

Check out the itinerary of the 2022 tour below:

March 4 - Oslo, Spektrum
March 5 - Stockholm, Avicii Arena
March 6 - Copenhagen, Royal Arena
March 8 - Hamburg, Barclaycard Arena
March 9 - Esch zur Alzette, Rockhal
March 11 - Berlin, Mercedes Benz Arena
March 12 - Prague, O2 Arena
March 13 - Budapest, Arena
March 15 - Milan, Lorenzini District
March 16 - Geneva, Arena
March 18 - London, Wembley Arena
March 19 - Leeds, First Direct Arena
March 20 - Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena
March 22 - Glasgow, SSE Hydro
March 24 - Antwerp, Sportpaleis
March 25 - Amsterdam, Ziggo Dome
March 26 - Leipzig, Quarterback Immobilien Arena
March 28 - Paris, La Seine Musicale
March 30 - Vienna, Stadthalle
March 31 - Munich, Olympiahalle
April 1 - Cologne, Lanxess Arena
April 2 - Hannover, ZAG Arena
April 4 - Krakow, Tauron Arena
April 6 - Tallinn, Saku Arena
April 8 - Kuopio, Kuopio Hall
April 9 - Helsinki, Hartwall Arena

Tickets & information can be found at .

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  • You do not want to miss The Tour To End All Tours! ➞ TICKETS + INFO:

    • April 1st 2022 Cologne Golden Circle cant await🤘😛🤘

    • First time see you in ziggo dome golden circle super exited🔥😎

    • @Fotomaik1975 nice

    • Nothing in America ? wth guys

    • I saw The Hu live in STL. Go see this concert you bastards! It'll blow your nuts off.

  • The Hu? Uh hu

  • Your music is amazing ✊👍❤🙌

  • Why Spain is not in the Tour.

  • J'étais à Zurich et putains j'espère les voir à Genève

  • come to Spain guys

  • Will the be world tour 2 after this?

  • Can sabaton make Asian tour?

    • @Sabaton ok sir i can wait you.

    • Of course, as soon as possible!

  • I'm not going to any of them but I want to see u guys at MGM national harbor but the tickets cost way to much but yup guys should reschedule to see if you can go to pier six with judas priest

  • guess where i am 25th of march

  • Hey I dont understand. ,,The tour to end all tours" is the last concert tour of Sabaton?

    • No, it's just like The War To End All Wars. There was confusion like this when they announced "The Last Tour" for their The Last Stand album. There will be plenty more!

  • Very epic on an intro.


  • And no 🇷🇺 ..;(

  • Let’s go I’m going to the one in Berlin next year.

  • If this is truly the tour to end all tours, there will be many more to come.

  • Ну что россияне, куда поедем на концерт?)

  • Direkt zugeschlagen.

  • So, next tour in 2039

  • IM BACK (I broke my voice but I recovered) GAVE THEIR LIVES SO BOLDLY

  • pls vlogs like the 2020 tour

  • Got my vaccination, got my tickets. Let’s fucking gooo!

  • Damn, no Iberian venue 😔

  • Hopefully it's as effective at ending sabayon tours as the war to end all wars was at ending wars.

  • Is this their last tour

    • No. The tour's name is a reference to world war 1, which was called "the war to end all wars". We all know what happened after that

  • Im fucking going to Krakow

  • No Gothenburg? :(

  • What songs are they playing?

    • @LeToplache007 oh ok. I was wondering if they were going to pick an album to play. I know they did that on their last tour

    • @SonoftheWay35 I'm a very big fan, I've watched many of their shows on youtube, I've been on one of their shows (and going to 2 more next year hopefully) and have watched their latest streamed concert where the setlist was similiar to this. Also I know that they always open with Ghost Division and close with To Hell And Back, Primo Victoria and Carolus Rex songs always remain on the setlist because the people love them and so on. I figured in on my own.

    • @LeToplache007 Why do you think those songs? Is there something that says that somewhere?

    • @SonoftheWay35 Lmao I'm just messin with you it's all food. Setlist will probably go like Ghost Division, Great War, Attack Of The Dead Men, Seven Pillars Of Wisdom, The Red Baron, possibly The Defence Of Moscow, The Red Baron, Night Witches, The Lion From The North, Carolus Rex, Primo Victoria, Swedish Pagans, Bismarck, To Hell And Back and maybe some other stuff. They confirmed they started making an album at the beginning of 2021 so maybe something off the new album.

    • @LeToplache007 Every song they've every written? I doubt it

  • Will there be more tours in future years

  • * Muffled Screaming * _COME TO BRAZIL_

  • Front area seating costing over 400 dollars for the nearest show, fucking Ticketmaster at it again I see, such a shame too cuz i really wanted to see yall :(

  • Wish yall would come to the US

    • @Sabaton awesome definitely gonna look up tickets

    • We will be there after this summer!

  • I got the ticket for concert in Helsinki it is my first metal concert ever im so exited

    • You should be. They are awesome live. Saw them in January 2020 before everything went to shit. Just be ready for loud explosions, flamethrowers and lots of lights. And have fun!

  • Keep up the good work! ;-) take care bye / Reza R E Z A R artist in Sweden

  • be me: news of a sabaton tour :) me remembering i'm a Tasmanian in Australia :( Me hoping those who can go enjoy :)

  • Featuring Mongol invasion

  • should be over by christmas

  • Definitely booking a ticket for Wembley

    • Good! See you there!

  • Im go budapest to my family

  • Rip to all people like me Who are not in Europe

  • Awesome.

  • What is the Name of the Song on the Video.

  • Bought my ticket, see you in Hartwall Arena

  • Wembley 2022 I’m there all booked and ready to ROCK!!

  • Live in Wembley ticket sorted this morning can't wait

  • Wish this was in Tbilisi. ქართველი ვინმე?

  • Fantastic not coming to Ireland again.

  • No Bratislava? Capital of Slovakia?

  • Sad all are so far away owell maybe next time

    • Maybe next time!

  • Wow 2 concerts in 2 months! I just ordered tickets for this in Stockholm and in January I will be on the Sweden tour in Jönköping. Next year will hopefully be a great one! Not to mention that I will see Lordi as well as The HU for the first time which will be sick af.

    • 😎

    • @Sabaton Hell Yeah it will, with you guys even commenting! Love you guys!

    • Next year will be epic

  • Got the tickets yesterday, see you in Amsterdam. Cant wait for the drumroll to start on that day. Sadly, there isn't really a major achievement in dutch military history... So yeh.

  • Hard Rock Hallelujah! 🤘😎🤘

  • its not 1st of April stop dis

  • Sabaton going on tour with The HU in europe. I would be very disappointed, if they won't do a collaboration with The HU on a mongolian-themed song (e.g. about Genghis Khan) and perform at least that live on stage, just as they did with Apocalyptica and "Angels Calling" on the previous european tour in 2019/2020. 😃

    • I'm very sure an epic collab is lurking in the near future. I'll be waiting patiently.

  • I’ll see you gentlemen in Amsterdam.😉

  • Seria hermoso un tour por america!!

  • Not Portugal?

  • See you at Budapest!

  • I recently bought my ticket. Finnaly another tour in Leipzig :D

    • See you there!

  • where the fuck is Istanbul

  • See you in Berlin

    • @Sabaton I'm so happy that we can finally go on concerts again this is going to be epic

    • See you there!

  • Something's odd I think sabaton is trying to tell us something about the name " the tour to end all tours"

  • Uhm, yes. Absolutely. Also those support bands, holy shit! I'm in!

  • Hello, you who are reciting poetry from the heroes of the war, is it possible that one day you will also recite a poem about a hero and a myth in Iran named General Nader Jahanbani? He did not escape death and told the soldiers, "I must die so that the truth may live. Maybe if you knew who he was and read a poem to this person, maybe the truth he was looking for would live." Iranian general Nader Jahanbani known as General Blue Eyes. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • aww i wont be able to go, cant travel from my country yet :(

    • But the tour Is in 2022 u sure that by then the situation will be the same?

  • Brazil pls !!

  • And about us? Waiting for you! Love.

  • That feeling when the only few concerts that are in your country happen in like 8 months

  • Buenos Aires still waiting

  • Hopefully it does not end your tours. Hoping to see you in Hannover.

  • Please come to Brazil

  • Why are all of the concerts in Europe? Because of that I cant make it because spring break starts on April 9th which is also the day of the last concert. Can you guys please make a concert on the 10th in the LA county or Orange county?

  • Damn. I would like to go to their concert someday

  • WoW you guys have a concert in Serbia just on my birthday! I am so excited!!!

  • sabaton for eurovision 2022 lets do it

  • I hope this wont be your last tour tho!


  • In the name of God👏

  • no Russia in this tour ... (

  • Wish there were more than 2 Canadian dates.

  • Like, he didn't ACTUALLY shot a Bazooka right? ....... Right?

    • No, looks like a cherry bomb in the bazooka tube and then another one on the tank to simulate the hit. Pretty neat if you ask me.

  • Tour in Russia, seems, never will end (╥﹏╥)

  • See y'all in Dallas

    • See you there!

  • Montreal please

  • Where Is buenos Aires? Sorry Is only i never go outside of mí country

  • Ah yes like the war to end all wars this only really takes place in Europe (cries in Australian)

  • the tour to end all tours, me how has listened to the war to end all wars: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Greetings, Sabaton. I know there's plenty ot of patriotic Filipinos who knew about the heroic Filipino soldiers who served in the Korean war, and most specifically, during the battle of Yultong, during the Korean War. I wish you can make a song about the gallantry of a Medal of Valor recipient, Cpt. Conrado Yap, along with his unit, the 10th Battalion Combat Team (10th BCT). You guys might try to learn about it, and hopefully, make a song for them. They were one of the 1,367 Filipino troops compromising the 10th BCT of the Philippine Expeditionary Force to Korea (PEFTOK). Thanks, we will be waiting! Lots of love from the Philippines!

    • @Sabaton Already sent a very detailed information from Wikipedia and I made a little bit of arrangements to make things easy to conclude for you guys. I'm still in awe that you responded to my wish and I truly hope you guys grant it. I'm so excited for another masterpiece of yours. Thanks a lot, Sabaton!

    • Did you know you can send your specific song topics to our website?

  • I can't wait to see you guys in Las Vegas Nevada October 8th with Judas Priest, rock on! 🎸

    • @Sabaton Hey Sabaton what is the Name of the Song on the Video?

    • See you there!

  • Uuugh? God damn Eurocentric your dates. Come down under again!

  • i need australia

  • Never the tour to end all tours...please...never end Sabaton tours!

  • Thats gonna be intense

  • А где Екатеринбург? :(

  • And what songs will be played?

    • We can't unveil that 😉

  • Sure no Moscow?

  • ...and feet by feet, we pay the price of a ticket here, though fans are falling we see Joakim rise, we face the Heat as we are headbanging till the dawn

  • Bruh I’m stuck in Australia

  • Wait so really

  • Im coming to kuopio