SABATON - Cliffs Of Gallipoli (Official Lyric Video)

Publicerades den 19 jun 2021
The official lyric video for Cliffs Of Gallipoli by Sabaton, taken from the album The Art Of War.
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========== HISTORIC FACT ==========

Tribute to the soldiers who died during the Battle of Gallipoli (WWI) The Battle of Gallipoli was a campaign of World War I that took place on the Gallipoli peninsula between the 17th of February 1915 and the 9th of January 1916. Intending to secure a sea route to the Russian empire, the allied forces (Russia, The British Empire and France) launched a naval attack followed by an amphibious landing on the peninsula with the aim of capturing the Ottoman capital of Constantinople. After eight months of fighting and more than 200’000 casualities on both sides, the allied decides to abandon the land campaign and withdrew the invasion forces to Egypt.

========= Cliffs Of Gallipoli LYRICS =========

Hear them whisper,
voices from the other side
Hear them calling
former foes now friends are resting side by side

They will never leave our hearts or fade away
live forever
they were far too young to die in such a way

how many wasted lives
how many dreams did fade away
broken promises
they won’t be coming home

Oh mothers wipe your tears
your sons will rest a million years
found their peace at last
as foe turned to friend
and forgive
And they knew they’d die

Left their letters in the sand
Such waste of life
Dreams of freedom turned to dust

Hell is waiting where the ocean meets the sand
Cliffs of burden
where the soldiers rushed into a certain death

At the shoreline
Blood of heroes stains the land
light a candle
One for each of them who fought and died in vain

There is no enemy
There is no victory
Only boys who lost their lives in the sand
Young men were sacrificed
Their names are carved in stone and kept alive
and forever we will honour the memory of them
And they knew they would die


Oh mothers wipe your tears
your sons will rest a million years
found their peace at last
as foe turned to friend
and forgive
And they knew they would die



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    • could you do more about Asia history?

    • Could you do a video on the prohibition era or the Great Depression?

    • Are you updating the album or are you re- uploading them all? Anyway keep it up 🔥

    • maybe something about the 55 days in Peking

  • I love these songs

  • I had a distant cousin killed at Gallipoli in July 1915, he was in a Scottish unit......

  • i feel like this is the saddest sabaton song

  • pne of my top 5 favorite songs from sabaton

  • 250,000 young men, many of whom lost their lives, many of whom lost their future for no actual reason or gain... lest we forget the men who gave up their lives in hell for the world that we live in today... Greetings, salute, and respect from the Philippines!

  • Only in war will you see the true heroism in man

  • Sabaton. We love you. ♥ from Turkey. This clip almost make me cry.

  • 'Oh mothers wipe your tears, your sons will rest In million years' this understand why this song is half amazing and half depressing.

  • Some people listen to “Lofi beats” to calm themselves I listen to this

  • Gallipoli was just an extended D-day *change my mind*

  • GaDripoli

  • Why does this makes me shake


  • First time I heard the solo for Cliffs of Gallipoli I was like "Wait..." *proceeds to listen to the beginning of the solo for 18 and Life by Skid Row* "hmmm"

  • Your songs just keeps bringing a tear to my eyes

  • hey did anyone else notice that the last 25 seconds of the song, are the intro for sabaton history

  • Discovered recently I had a relative who not only fought in World War 1, but was shot at Gallipoli and died a day or two later. Corporal Thomas George Roy Champion died on the 27th of April, aged just 20 and a quarter years old. Now that I know who he is (both pre-war and during), I won't forget and I'll take a moment for him on Anzac Day and Remembrance Day.

  • Can we get a f in chat

  • You learn more from sabaton than you do a history class awesome song

  • “You’re Australian; we’re impossible to kill.” -Frederick Bishop, Battlefield 1

    • That one turkish stand user: *posing intensifies*

  • I went to Gallipoli 4 years ago. I saw a memorial to those soldiers, I didn't know why it was there. Now I know ;-;

  • I will never regret getting my history teachers into this band’s music.

  • This brings a tear to my eye every time I listen as my great great grandfather was in Gallipoli. Thank you sabaton for this masterpiece

  • Winston Churchill lead his army into catastrophy. Also see Pat Buchanans books about Winston Churchill.

  • The real Q is : whats the price of a mile Q2 : is there a vitcory Q3 : who is my emeny

  • Gallipolli was basically a massacre of Anzac forces, they were unlucky and got slaughtered in the hills and beaches

  • The lyrics, the chord progressions, all of it. Bravo 👏

  • Sabaton you never fail me with the guitar solos Thank you sabaton

  • Hello, you who are reciting poetry from the heroes of the war, is it possible that one day you will also recite a poem about a hero and a myth in Iran named General Nader Jahanbani? He did not escape death and told the soldiers, "I must die so that the truth may live. Maybe if you knew who he was and read a poem to this person, maybe the truth he was looking for would live." Iranian general Nader Jahanbani known as General Blue Eyes. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Shame the Turkish government destroyed the WW1 memorial.

  • I can't watch this video without crying

  • Just came across these guys today I've been binging these songs for the last 2 or so hours I'm hooked as a massive history nerd I'm surprised I've never heard of them, You guys are awsome!

    • Welcome on board!

  • Is it just me or does this song feel different then the rest? Still just as great as them but it’s got a different vibe you know?

  • Cliffs of Gallipoli do hit differently tho

  • at gallipoli the anzac legend was forged. And the respect of enemies who became friends on that blood stained battlefield. When allowed every year on ANAZAC day they hold a dawn service there for all who died at gallipoli. Lest We Forget.

  • What's your favorite song genre? Me:Sabaton.

  • I LOVE that piano

  • Where we wasted the blood of our young heroes.

  • Sabaton in 2040: Desert of Area 51

  • This is freaking masterpiece

  • I love the piano in this, really makes the song stand out

  • This song both Livgardet and The Royal Guard and Gott Mit Uns English and Swedish are my favorite songs

  • Shoot the shovel mate i know you can do it! -some australian dude

  • Sabaton is the embodiment of quality and quantity

  • I think I’m in love with that piano.

  • remember the greeks who were genocided and deported here

  • This is my favorite Sabaton song ever for the feelings it gives me! Forever thankful for Sabaton’s music they made my life so much better :)

  • Sabatons songs are really good my favriot is the winged hassurs

  • I like the ambience and extra reverbed guitar and piano.

  • R.I.P fallen soldiers.


  • And here I am again!

  • "How many wasted lives How many dreams did fade away Broken promises they won't be coming home" this bit kills me everytime. Fuck man, theres never a true winner in war its all just shitty.

  • Out of all the sabaton songs I'd say this is the most emotionally powerful, like god damn, this could make a grown man cry

  • I know this song from sabaton history

  • Heaviest music I’ve ever heard!!!Keep up the good work!!!

  • They were only about 13 years late to upload the lyrics video

  • everyone: you can't make avery song emotional and epic Sabaton: hold my beer Sorry for bad english but i'm italian

  • To be honest, this and In Flanders Fields never cease to tear me up. It goes to show that war isn't what CoD or Battlefield tells you, it's genuinely one of the worst problems of humanity.

    • Video games: one dude saves an entire country Reality: big waste of life, dead bodies everywhere

    • I think bf1 was really good at showing worst sides of war

  • watching this from New Zealand

  • One about Mărășești would be nice

  • The birth of a nation

  • Every beat in a sabaton song almost sounds like an army of soldiers marching to war

  • I love this song because it helps me win I’m sad

  • My great grand father fought at galipoly he was a rifle man he never came home ..

  • And the ANZAC legend was born.

  • I discovered sabaton a little over a year ago. I'm a history nerd and I'm mad at myself that it took so long to find you guys. But this song gets me every damn time

  • This song 😢 But also 🤘🔥 I’m so confused Thanks to Sabaton we will Never Forget

  • My history teacher in highschool wanted us to do an essay about anything related history before the final exams, because he wanted to help us with the marks, I made an essay about Gallipoli because I listened to this song at that time, I also chose it because the curriculum focused a lot on the ottoman empire so it came out perfect! Thanks for the save sabaton!

  • We are waiting in Greece

  • Sabaton, congratulations. This song was so good it almost made me cry. Im an adult, but this was so touching, perfect. This song is so underrated. I hope you guys are doing well. Cheers

    • @SabatonI never tought that you guys will respond, such a great band. Love you guys! Cheers!

    • Thanks for appreciating it!

  • It's so.... dark... and this is describing how Galipoli and WW1 was..... damn good job Sabaton and also good song

  • my favorite Sabaton Songs

  • Wow such a great song. So many boys would not come home as foe turns to friend. Anzac Day is when we remember those who fought and died on both sides of the war.

  • WW1 was a large humanitarian crisis

  • I Love Sabaton From Thailand

  • Sabaton is really the only band who help me calm down when i'm not on a great day. I love other bands. But Sabaton is... Extraordinary... 'love you bros. And thank you ! :)

  • I am crying

  • Ещё одна замечательная песня с альбома "Искусство войны" музыкального ансамбля металлической песни и пляски "Сабатон" из Швеции. Хочу отметить замечательные клавишные, чудесное соло и выдающийся баритон вокалиста тов. Иоакима Бродена. Сколько лет прошло после выпуска, а слушается как в первый раз. Песня о героической обороне турецкими войсками своей земли от английского морского десанта.

  • after all these years, this track still hits where it feels

  • I personally never heard any metal song that's touching. Makes me tear up. Great masterpiece Sabaton!

  • I don't know...the more I listen to this song the more I like it...I might even say it is my kinda makes me wanna cry.

  • Ждем тапочка) в ТОП!

  • Honestly best song in “the art of war” album

    • Is it your favorite? Great

  • Respect to All Turkish and Anzac Brothers they fought for their country till the end and Gallipoli is impassable🇦🇺🇳🇿🇹🇷

  • Hey sabaton. Have you guys ever thought of doing a cover to, I was only 19 by redgum. it's a song i think you guys could do really well with abit of a metal spin.

  • I’m Aussie proud to be

  • Srbi u transu

  • Радио тапок переплёт ещё и клип снимет

  • Jeszcze Polska nie zgineła kurwa wasza mać

  • most underrated song

  • It's so POWERFUL!!! 🌋👌👍💪 💯 ❤️

  • your songs keep me sane. This tuesday i had an exam and your songs helped me study and calm down

  • SAAAABAAAATOOOON You are ready to Polish Hussary on EURO 2020?

  • “Hell is waiting, where the ocean meets the sand Cliff of burden, where the soldiers rushed into a certain death... At the shoreline, blood of heroes stains the land, Light a candle, One for each of them who fought and died in vain! There is no enemy, there is no victory, Only boys who lost their lives in the sand.... Young men were sacrificed, their names are carved in stone and kept alive, and forever we will honor the memory of them..... and they would die.... Gallipoli!” I sing a lot of your guys’ music on the way anywhere when I’m alone cause it’s catchy, and I have near every song from The Great War all the way back to primo Victoria, still shaky on the lyrics on some of those- my voice only cracks like hell when I sing this one, In Flanders Fields, or The Final solution- just singing the lyrics makes me feel like crying.

  • the best I've heard in my life

  • Better than my history teacher dude

  • Normal people when they think of Sweden:pew die pie Legends:sabaton All jokes aside such a great underrated song

  • This hits me hard man don't you have one bad song