SABATON - Defence Of Moscow (Official Lyric Video)

Publicerades den 16 maj 2021
The official lyric video for Defence Of Moscow by Sabaton.
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========= Defence Of Moscow LYRICS =========

As the Wehrmacht overrun, Russia 1941
They don’t belong, we stand our ground, a million strong

We are ready for their strike, face the army of the reich
A million strong, this is our land, they don’t belong.

Hear Marshal Zhukov’s, and Stalin’s orders
Defend the motherland
Moscow shall not fall

Stand and follow command, our blood for the homeland
Heed the motherland’s call, and brace for the storm
Moscow will never give in, there is no surrender
Force them into retreat, and into defeat

Face the volleys of their guns, for Russia’s daughters and her sons
All the brave, who stand against the typhoon wave

From the mountains and the plains, come in thousands on the trains
Day and night, they're rolling in, to join the fight

From Kazakhstan to Magadan!
Call of the motherland
Russia shall prevail

Recorded and mixed at Black Lounge studios by Jonas Kjellgren.
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - Los Angeles - CA - USA .
Sabaton is a registered and protected trademark.


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    • Our blood for the home land

    • Hey sabaton can u make a song about the turkish war of independence of 1920-1923

    • Our blood for the homeland

  • me listening to this song to the first time: meh me listening to it the second time: not bad me listening to it the third time: HEED THE MOTHERLANDS CALLS AND BRACE FOR THE STORM

  • За Гимн Союза ещё один лайк.

  • Dunno how many people picked up on this, but the guitar solo at 2:59 actually follows the tune of the Soviet National Anthem until the vocals kick back in. Nice touch I think

  • This is the best band period. Nevermind wjat most people like, i enjoy the more obscure corner of the internet where the best music truly resides. Ive yet to see a band or artist that mixes song and instruments so well

  • In this video we see a kv2 a kv1 and a t34 all very popular russian tanks

  • Everybody talks about the russian's bravery and power facing the reich. But nobody sings salute for the man giving his life to save Stalin or the men fighting the native americans so their countries could take it. If they fight for something that doesn't exist, what were they actually fighting for? The soviet union or Russia wasn't the motherland, Stalin was, and he tortured, abused and murdered everyone for existing. They fought for paranoid evil, for the slavery and suffering of their people and the continued murder. Most likely Germany couldn't ever win even if they beat Russia, the countries and land was too vast. No could no for certain. But one thing is sure, the reich could never maintain those countries with so little troops. But what would be of a Russia whose regime fell, whose mad leader was either killed or exiled and a cold war never happened?

  • wait, if Germany is the fatherland and If The Soviet union are the motherland does that make poland the abused child?

  • noice bois

  • WHOOO WHOOO just who put the dislike

  • Me and Homies going to Moscow be like...

  • Почти два миллиона просмотров и 65к лайков,ютуб он такой ютуб )))

  • I wanna change my profile to ussr after this. Maybe???

  • Lenin: how much tanks stalin: I think 245 sabaton: yes all tanks

  • I watch moscow, i your fan now; I listen the song Thats METALLLLLLLLLLL now i am your fucking big fan

  • Apenas me di cuenta que el kw-2 hace referencia a la batalla de rasanalla

  • Woundering if there a song of el Salvador 12 year cilver war

  • Can't wait to see these guys in September

    • @Sabaton Grand Rapids, Michigan

    • Where will you be seeing us?

  • Sabaton got any songs about the American civil war? Pickett's charge or the repeated charges at Fredericksburg would be good subjects.

  • My mom= were going to russian Me=on the? My mom= on the moscow Me and my big brother who love the USSR=(PLAYING USSR ANTHEM ALL ALONG IN MOSCOW)

  • There’s just something about the “Moscow shall not fall” that gets me every time

  • I am so conflicted on the idea of Sabaton doing a song for Total Warhammer 3, they are Norsca, but man this was pure Kislev awesomeness.

  • Не забывайте Россияне, что даже и в песне говорится про РК! Как в минуты опасности мы выручали Вас.

  • I have admiration for the Russian soldiers who didn't even fight for their country (because they believed it was immoral and corrupt), but only to stop the Nazis.

    • @Judd LaMar sure, that is more about what I suppose is the meaning of Motherland : common destiny and common future. That is why I think that people can get their lives on the line even if they are not confident about the government.

    • @Simone A perhaps, but I know that many of the people from the far east had parents that fought the red army, that's why I said that. You kinda get my point right?

    • I suppose they was fighting fot their Motherland an simply not for the govern or top brass.


  • HI

  • so whats with the kv1 in the video with that antenna sticking out of it? the hull is not your usual kv1 hull, it looks almost like a matilda hull mated with a kv1 turret

  • The Soviet Union gave the Nazis one hell of a fight.

  • The fact that the Nazi's were able to push the Russians back to the point that they made it to Moscow still surprises me since back in the first World War the Germans never made it that far, only near to Petrograd. Sabaton knows how to tell the tale of the Russian defense and their hopes that the winter will aid them in battle since Hitler foolishly believed that he should have won already, even when there was massive resistance in the industrial heart of Russia, Stalingrad.

  • Some foreigners write that the song evokes "patriotic" feelings for Russia. This is not about our patriotism. Our ancestors fought for Socialism, for the Great October and their state of workers and peasants, Soviet power. And the hydra of fascism is a capitalist geek who was destroyed by the Soviet people, giving everything they could to save the world from the bastard regime itself.

  • sabaton ily reply pls :(

  • So no one gonna talk thares a kv 1 turret on a bt 7 at 0:40

  • RUSSIA SHALL PREVAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ah yes, the First tank shown is the Russian Death Fridge

  • Im half Russian thank you sabaton for making a song about us

  • top

  • Emm ... Can i have one question please? What is doing here Varyag from fan mode "steel hunter" from WOT?

  • I hate that KV-1 soo bad done, but THAT KV-2 (FRIDGE) holyyyy molyyyy. T-34 also good done ❤️

  • Great song but I’ll never support a communist

  • Invasion map and re captured by Soviet.I love communism

  • So patriotic music

  • The tank from the title picture looks like a steel hunter in World of Tanks. This is not the normal KB tank xD

  • Sabaton makes clear what many think they understand, but dont: Our Blood for the Homeland!

  • Pls Defance of Berlin

  • 0:19 That M2 seems to have gotten very lost and ended up in the wrong country.

  • Only sabaton can turn lyric videos into something completely else and still be very effective, amazing and epic

    • Thanks for appreciating it!

  • Within the first 3 seconds and we already see a Russian death fridge. It's gonna be a good song.

  • i like how theres a small hint of soviet anthem in the song

  • Me, a canadian of french and german descent living in america listening to a song about russians fighting germans:


  • Good anmition

  • I love listening to your songs everyday.

  • How the fuck did that T-34 get stuck in the collapsed house?

  • За мном!

  • Sabaton please make a song about the defense of Berlin, my grandfather died defending it, he was a mischling before anyone calls me a nazi.

    • @DrinkYourWater I’m going to go listen to that, thanks you.

    • Hearts of iron is a great one

  • ...если это - за Русских: Заебись!

  • Yall are making me a patriot for a country that doesn't exist anymore...

  • Это правда шведы поют?

  • MMM

  • Спасибо Сабатон!

  • Гроші не пахнуть, так Йоакиме?


  • the music is FUCKING AMAZING my congratulations SABATON

  • 6,531st like :)

  • No Soldiers there

  • When you can make more T-34s than germany can make shells;

  • And kiddies, this is why we never mess with russians that listen to music!

  • I love how there is alone KV2 tank. It reminds me of battle of Raseiniai.....

  • ....the cheeki breeki is strong in this song.

  • Can I make a request? Please do a song on Japanese campaign or is there another channel that made that?

  • I was playing world of tanks and and started to play this song when I realized I was in a team of Russian tanks

  • Operación Barbarroja: el final del III Reich

  • 3:00 *Our* anthem

  • Anyone else the 109 on the left fly through a building?


  • in soviet russia, u dont defend Moscow , Moscow defend u

  • Intro be a epic version of the ussr anthem

  • Когда Тапок сказал , что графика "не очень",вот тебе пожалуйста 👍👍😎

  • Russia: the lesson this song teaches u : never to invade russia Finland: *laughing in the snow* Afghanistan : *laughing in the mountains* Cecenya: *laughing between ruins* Japan:*laughing on the sea*

  • I have sudden urges to play Red Alert again............ as SOVIETS xD

  • 2:59

  • I'm as American as they come and even i feel pride for Russia in this song. it also makes me wonder what that train of reinforcements would look like if they came from Rural USA.

  • Gotta make sure my neighbors get there dose of sabaton :)

  • Ребята, вы супер!!!

  • this style of animation reminds me of the official lyric video of Livgardet

  • Hold up is 1 hull with kv 1 turret an american 50 cal browning 🤔

  • Мне одному показалось что танк КВ 1 здесь с корпусом от танка ИС???

  • sabaton was your tank ever used in battle ? :)

  • where is magadan ? is it like soviet heaven .

  • i made a lego music video for this song i will be very happy if a sabaton band member watches it.

  • most of the people who disliked this are probably German.

  • i got an attero dominatus and the last tour t-shirts.

  • Когда ты включил RTX в Call of Duty 2


  • I love how bits of the Soviet anthem play throughout the song, sick detail

  • 3:00 это что, редактированная музыка из гимна СССР?! Мой внутренний комунист одобряет......

  • All while Comrade Elmo encourages Stalin’s soldiers

  • Is that KV-2?

  • Hi

  • Me eriza la piel. Genial Sres. Monstruosa y Fenomenal