SABATON - Defence Of Moscow (Official Music Video)

The official music video for Defence Of Moscow by Sabaton.
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========= Defence Of Moscow LYRICS =========

As the Wehrmacht overrun, Russia 1941
They don’t belong, we stand our ground, a million strong

We are ready for their strike, face the army of the reich
A million strong, this is our land, they don’t belong.

Hear Marshal Zhukov’s, and Stalin’s orders
Defend the motherland
Moscow shall not fall

Stand and follow command, our blood for the homeland
Heed the motherland’s call, and brace for the storm
Moscow will never give in, there is no surrender
Force them into retreat, and into defeat

Face the volleys of their guns, for Russia’s daughters and her sons
All the brave, who stand against the typhoon wave

From the mountains and the plains, come in thousands on the trains
Day and night, they're rolling in, to join the fight

From Kazakhstan to Magadan!
Call of the motherland
Russia shall prevail

Recorded and mixed at Black Lounge studios by Jonas Kjellgren.
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - Los Angeles - CA - USA .
Sabaton is a registered and protected trademark.


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  • the dislikes must be nazi sympathizers.

  • Love russia

  • Почти 7миллионов просмотров. Из них я просмотрел миллион.

  • I have just watched the videos made by searching groups who dig out the remains of Soviet and German soldiers in Ukraine. Sometimes cavalrymen were buried together with their horses. And one video impressed me, when they found German machine gun soldiers with boxes full of patrons! BUT THERE IS NO ROMANTIC FOR THOSE DEAD SOLDIERS. They are dead and often relatives don't know where their sons, fathers, brothers are laying.

  • Very big respect from Finland

  • Glad to have been allied with Russia. Death to nazism

  • as a legitimate son of WWII Russian veteran I can confirm this is historically 100% accurate

  • I am 13 years old and I learn history easier with Sabaton. No words to say to your songs so perfect

    • We like to think we are complementary lessons!

  • Sahaton Giive me words. Love them. Wife enjoys them. Love everywhere Thank you #sabaton

  • reznov and dimitri saved mother russia!

  • Hear marchall zhukov's and stalin's order FORGET THE MOTHERLAND

    • stand a follow command our blood for the motherland'nt head the motherland'nt's call moscow shall allways give in there is a surrender retreat


    • shut up

  • Paradox Interactive needs to make this a part of another music DLC for Hearts of Iron IV. 10/10 would pay for it and play the Soviets.

  • I am half Russian and my two Russian great grandfathers fought in the Great Patriotic War. They returned safely to their families, but so many of their brave countrymen did not. Millions paid the ultimate price to defend the Fatherland from the torturers of the people, the annihilators of nations. The memory of the heroes will never die; their bravery and heroism will inspire freedom-loving peoples and nations for millennia to come, just like the heroic fight to the death and victory of the Greeks against the invading Persians serves a similar function today. Stalin and Zhukov will be remembered as some of the greatest military generals in history, on par with the likes of Alexander and Seleucus, Caesar and Mark Anthony, Justinian and Belisarius. Thank you Sabaton for this amazing tribute.

  • Make a song for 1956 Hungary or Trianon 1920 pls

  • NAZIES in front of Moscow. Soviet: Call the ambulance! *Pulles out Katjushas" Soviet: But not for me!

  • is that true

  • my brothersaid that is mr bean

  • popełnili błąd,że napadli na Polskę...

  • We need full version of USSR anthem in Sabaton style

  • Za rodinu ! za STALINA ! Vpjerjod !

  • This was the best best song ever! Keep up the good work!

  • this premired on my birfdey

  • Hitler I WANVT RUSSIA Stalin: Save the thought, we are coming to bting it to you

  • Russia should use this when they are trying to convince people to join the army

  • My grandpa defended Moskau! Aber ich spreche Deutsch )

  • тот случай когда сабатон препадает историю лучше чем учитель в школе!

  • Ah, new tanky anthem

    • tankie is when you defend your country from German invasion. the more you defend the more tankie

  • ВоТ открыл мне Сабатон, Сабатон открыл Радио Тапка, ВоТ давным давно забыт и заброшен, а Сабатон и Тапок в моей машине всегда

  • Спасибо, парни!!!!

  • A high song for my ears🤤


  • Watch this in 0.75 speed its awesome

  • Video class and super. 😊😊😊

  • comrades 10/10

  • Russia: hey let's be allies Nazi germany: ok Germany: declairs war on russia Russia: wait I didnt betray you yet!

  • это круто!!

  • 41% Russian 🤘

  • I really liked the song lyrics, aswell as the music video. Keep it up!

  • 3:48 I am a bit confused by the Torpedo tubes in the background of the tank XD

  • I love this song! Can someone please tell me, which guitar solo is the anthem? I can't find it 😅😅 thanks a lot!

  • goooood!

  • Эта песня будет в полей-листе hoi4?

  • Veteran of the Red Army defeats Covid as he did with the Nazis: "Reborn at 102" When Nikolai Bagayev, a Russian WWII veteran, was hospitalized at the venerable age of 102 with a severe coronavirus infection, few would have bet on his survival. A month ago, doctors from Korolyov hospital, near Moscow, diagnosed him with damage to 80% of his lungs. But it was not the first time that Bagayev found himself fighting to defend his life and chase away death. "The last time I faced her was in 1941," he told Reuters after his discharge from the hospital. "At the time, my right lung was wounded in the battle for Moscow" against the Germans. "But I was quite young at the time and I was able to recover quickly," recalled the former Red Army soldier. Today he feels "reborn". After spending more than a month in the hospital, including a week in intensive care, Bagayev was discharged Thursday evening. “This time I was greatly helped by the doctors, although several times I was on the verge of losing hope and courage. I am extremely grateful to all of them, ”the veteran said. After the war, Bagayev worked in the Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan, where he helped build the Baikonur space base, from which the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, departed in 1961. Just on that occasion, the veteran learned a technique of breathing used by Soviet cosmonauts, which - according to him - would have helped him recover from Covid-19. His new goal, he told the press, is to start walking again without the help of another person. Greetings from Italy.

  • 3:48 happy face

  • Respect from Brasil!

  • I listen to this song playing battlefield 4 giants of Karelia and the other last stand maps as only the russian team- very much enhances the experience-

  • My grandfather, a Scotsman, died during the Royal Navy's Artic runs to Supply Russia with desperately needed equipment during WW2 so I feel a special kinship with my Russian brothers and sisters

    • Respect all Soviet , British , American , Canadian , French soldiers who died in this war .

    • @Mirza Shanawaz Cheers Mirza

    • Respect to your Grandfather💖

  • 3500 Tyskar down votade den här videon ...

  • this song celebrates communism. disgusting

    • @Kalashnikov 413 Yeah I agree

    • @Tyler Orlandi-Foley what?

    • @Kalashnikov 413 just admit ur a commie

    • Communism can be either good or bad for some people, but it's certainly no bueno that those that defend their homeland is a hero, regardless of which side they on

    • @Alex M Thank you.

  • That man from the thumbnail deserves an Oscar! Period!

  • This song kicks ass. But the video kicks ass even harder. I love the effects of the fighting. Give the director a raise, it;s well deserved.

    • Thanks for appreciating it!

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Sabaton the best

  • nazi germany almost killed cccp but they finally won, no?

  • 1:50, oh come on, a close-up on the machine gun with no belt, that just adds insult to injury

  • Сабатон и Тапок крутые

  • damn.. this song is more metal than all tanks in the video..

  • от тапка привет))


  • Beautiful

  • Germany kicked the Russians ass and Russia herself evicted the Germans with mountains of snow and ice.

    • winter is only one of many factors that will lead to the Soviet's victory over Germany tho

  • Момент с гимном просто круть!

  • i scrolled through hundreds of comments.and no one talked aout the soviet anthem in the guitar solo.why? \

    • Keep scrolling pal, there is plenty of them

  • Not all the Nazis in Hell could over run you Russia! God Bless Holy Russia!

  • The metal Soviet Anthem....damn 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. One hell of a music video. And yes,Moscow will never give in!

  • Official HOI4 Barbarossa Soundtrack confirmed

  • HI

  • is that rowana atkinson ? btw i like the song

  • The guitar solo on the soviet anthem is my favorite part of the song. It kind of reminded me of how Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture contains bits of La Marseillaise. Musically it's brilliant and it just works. :)


  • Как представитель бывшего СССР, ставлю резолюцию : "сабатон молодцы". Тапку спасибо. И деду Федору своему я очень благодарен. За то что вошел в Берлин и обломал нынешних любителей баварского пивка и немецких колбасок...

  • Офигенно, шедевр! Спасибо мужики!

  • Amazing song! Eternal glory to soviet union!

  • I am Latvian, I hate the Soviets, but, just think how fucking proud they must have been, pushed hundreds of kilometers into their own land, then go hundreds of kilometers into German land instead

    • yeah could imagine how beautiful it is to just glorify the heroes that defend their motherland, and not includes the ideology they carry

  • класс

  • евро поет как их выперли из союза

  • 3:04 soveit union anthem

  • Greetings from Kazakhstan. 2:05 Казахстан и Магадан должны гордится тем что их упоминули в песне.)

  • Просто комментарий на Русском языке.

  • Спасибо огромное. Вы хоть единственные кто оценил по достоинству эту битву, какие были принесены жертвы для достижения этой Победы.

    • за гимн отдельное спасибо

  • Просто лучшие в мире!!)

  • 🛦 Salut Moscova! Tank divisions [FOCA] and [GO-LD] are with you! 🛦

  • You forget that Russia had a pact with Germany and attacked Poland from the east on September 17, 1939.

    • is this a video about Invasion of Poland or Battle of Moscow?

    • And before that, Poland divided Czechoslovakia with the Third Reich and took one of the regions.

    • This song is about THE DEFENSE OF MOSCOW not the invasion of poland

  • i just realized some parts of the song sound like a metal version of the soviet national anthem

    • From 3:04

  • quality heavy metal, that also teaches accurate history? this is the best!!


  • As my history teacher once said “never March on moscow

  • Bad ass. It's quite a talent to make me feel pride for a place I've never known as home.

  • 🤘💪👍

  • Excellent video and music, one of my favorite bands, keep it up, greetings from Argentina.

  • In soviet army shoulder straps was only after Stalingrad. And Battle for Moscow was in winter

  • Soviet general is in WW 1 style uniform, not WW 2. But the song is great overall!

  • 3:48 Когда увидел новую песню от сабатона


  • “Moscow will never retreat into defeat!! … yea they couldn’t retreat cuz they had KGB behind the battle lines with orders to shoot any soldier retreating lol

    • those myth were not true sure the Soviet did use barriers to prevent their troops retreating, but it's not as often as you would've thought in fact, out of all those who deserted, more than 75% of them were send back to the frontline, and only a fraction of them were actually executed

    • And other hilarious myths you can tell yourself

  • I can't be the only one who hears the music from Soviet union anthem,right!!??

  • Listen to the solo very carefully. You will realize that the entire solo is the Soviet Anthem. If needed, hum the tune of the Soviet Anthem as soon as the solo starts. Be sure to match the tempo.

  • Да здравствует победа!

  • Soviet is not synonymous with Russia. You're undermining the sacrifice of Ukraininans, Belarusians and all the other Soviet republics heroic effort by using Russia as a synonym for Soviet.

    • @Kvikende i get it bro

    • @VikingKrab that is true and they reference it by singing "from Kazakhstan to Magadan" but that doesn't make Soviet synonymous with Russia.

    • The main center of the soviet union was russia, so yeh