SABATON - Livgardet (Live at the Dalecarlia Music Awards)

Publicerades den 24 mar 2021
Sabaton performing Livgardet live at the Dalecarlia Music Awards 2021.
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========= Livgardet LYRICS =========

Smitt av eld och dalablod
Frusen mark och hjältemod
I en tid av krig de stod

Anor från blott 16 man
Rikets äldsta stridsförband

En tid
Av Krig

Vart vägen än bär
Att beskydda, gardet svär
För konung och rike de viger sitt liv

Knä om knä livgardet går
Kämpat för landsfader vår
Hängiven tjänst i 500 år
Från tåget över Bält
Stred vid Lund, på Narvas fält
De följa uti hjältars spår

Oavsett vem kronan bär
Till sin konung trohet svär
I en tid, av fred, de består

Traditioner i från förr
Vaktar ännu maktens dörr
I frid
Och i strid

Vart vägen än går
Runt vår konung gardet står
För land och för rike de offrar sitt liv

För Sverige i tiden
Dit konungen går
De gör vad som synes omöjligt, vad än framtiden spår

Vart vägen än bär
Att beskydda, gardet svär
För konung och rike de viger sitt liv

Ärat livgardet står
Grundat av landsfader vår
Hängiven tjänst i 500 år
Från tåget över Bält
Stred vid Lund, på Narvas fält
De följa uti hjältars spår

Recorded and mixed at Black Lounge studios by Jonas Kjellgren.
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - Los Angels -CA -USA
Sabaton is a registered and protected trademark.


  • Thank you all for tuning in and watching this live 🙏 Hope you liked the very first live performance of Livgardet! ➞ SUBSCRIBE for more Sabaton:​ ➞ MERCHANDISE Official Store:

    • sabaton is still the best band ever for me. i love them all


    • @Belgian guy I didn't ask but OK

    • I would like a song of operation chariot when Royale commandos raided st. Nazaire dock.

    • Are you guys ever visiting Denmark And is it Swedish youre speaking in the song cause it kinda sounds so

  • When someone questions me why I want to learn Swedish I'll just show them this

  • When i want to rid myself of heresy I always listen to this

  • Great sound, great performance. Love it!!

  • Are they still doing there tour in 2021?

  • 🤘🇸🇪

  • Girl:are you fluint in a language Me:I'm pretty good with swedish Girl:prove it Me:ok*sings livgardet*

  • I reckon they should sing this in Swedish AND English together, every time I listened to an instrumental I've done this. Example: Knä om knä livgardet går By the king at his command Hängiven tjänst i 500 år Marching across the belt, Stred vid Lund, på Narvas fält Livgardet, our Royal Guard!


  • Excelentes artistas

    • Gracias, José María.

  • Люблю эту группу за то, что она поёт про великие подвиги разных народов! Моё уважение!

  • Jävligt bra.

  • This doesn't sound as energetic as the the others, sounds like they're tired

  • My man wore a Carolean uniform. What a legend

  • Imagine on big scale concert. The chorus, oh god

  • I love this song and sabaton along with amon amarth have inspired me to learn swedish

    • @Sabaton hopefully it wont take too long. Would love to see you guys live and to visit Sweden

    • We're happy to read that!

  • Imagine thousands of fans singing the intro

    • Exactly.

  • who told joakim that jacket matched the pants i just wanna talk

  • How can you give a concert in this covid-19 period?

  • Sabaton = neck exercise + best music

    • @Sabaton im gonna put commented by Sabaton on my resume

    • @Sabaton you guys are maybe the only non satan related rock band ever

    • Yeah, it's a good summary

  • Fists: *Smacks the fucken table* Knees: First time?

  • Satan, de rockar ni bär behöver ni släppa i fanshoppen ;) moderna karoliner 👌🏻


  • Too much Intro-Core. NO REVV FOR YOU!!

  • From Russia with love!

  • Love the Swedish heraldic lion and the three crowns on Chris’s guitar. Very nice.

  • Please do forgive my ignorance. I am 3 days into knowing who sabaton is but! I have listened to this version and I have listened to the English version and I know they are swedish and I know they wrote this for the Guard but!!!!! I prefer the English version. Something about it gives me goose bumps. I have seen a few live clips and even tho they look right winged militaristic, I see they don't take it seriously and they have fun and joke on stage. It's just an image for the stories they tell.

  • Muy bueno, excelente banda

  • Guitarist is a fucking unit

  • When the live destroyes the studio 🤘🔥

  • "Landsfader vår" låter så coolt

  • Why does Chris look so uncomfortable? He was stiff the entire time and looked nervous.

  • Sabaton vet hur man gör bra musik av historia.

  • I don't understand a single word so 11/10

  • Germany loves epic, swedish Power Metal! \m/

    • And we're happy for that

  • Wow 😮 is ok

  • I think that sabaton should do a song about the bomber called enola gay, as they did one about the Bismarck

  • Don't speak a lick of Swedish yet i understand perfectly what this song is saying. Easily my favorite by far. Rock on Sabaton 🇸🇪

  • осетия рулит

  • Only Joakim can wear Camo pants+ blue yellow Jacket+ HIS Shirt ™ and ABSOLUTELY ROCK IT

  • riktigt bra

  • Jag önskade slaget om Västerås 1521 på deras hemsida, jag fick detta, jag är inte missnöjd.

  • Jag RYSER!!!!!!

  • When the civis it’s over and if they song in a stage this song it’s not gonna sound like right now

  • Все таки не зря шведы проиграли под Полтавой! Шутка конечно)))

    • @Hell Fire По мне так не одну к сожалению

    • Если смотреть на российский уровень жизни, кажется, что Россия недавно проиграла ядерную войну.

  • Awesome 👏🏻 Glad Påsk 🐣

  • 1:43 perfect camera angle for Tommy. Almost like he's wearing the hat

  • 🤘🏻🖤🤘🏻🖤🤘🏻🖤🤘🏻🖤🤘🏻🖤 I LOVE IT

  • I swear the melodi is a Danish Christmas Song named "dejlig er jorden" or "nice is the earth". I don't know if it is a swedish song too but when i heard it first i was like: "WTF i guess sabaton is making Christmas songs Now" Btw love the song

  • I still say the band should keep wearing those dashing coats

  • COOL

  • pls a haubizen song

  • can you guys make song about Jasenovac . The Jasenovac camp was the largest concentration and death camp in the then Independent State of Croatia in the area of ​​occupied Yugoslavia during the Second World War.

  • This was good but I felt nothing without a crowd.

  • 1539 batle castelnuevo Montenegro and Croacia. 3000 spain soldiers vs 55.000 turkish muslim otoman . Spain victory Cristian victory

  • Länge leve Sverige ! With love to beautiful, brave and strong people of the kingdom of Sweden. From Russia.

  • why'd you let me go? Why?

  • Congrats on the awards! But feels like this song is missing something. That choir really makes or breaks the punch.

  • Тесак, ты ли это...

  • This is pretty cool, nice job! Cant wait for your next album!

  • Buena tonada

  • Que video chido

  • cant wait to see this live

    • Hopefully soon!

  • Fabulous

  • This makes me proud to be swedish 🙂

  • If this song isn't played at my funeral I'm not dying

  • Everytime the solo comes up. I wanna eat. 😂


  • This just spunds like a Heavy Metal Christmas Carol and I dont know why

  • you guys are the best

  • Swedish lmao

  • Колено Иокима выражает ему спасибо за эту песню!

  • Sabaton for Swedish President

  • 🇷🇺👍👍👍🔥

  • So, they are starting to sing in Swedish ? Let's learn Swedish then 🇨🇭

  • Instantly you become a soldier in LIvgardet!!!!

  • The beginning is just... haunting.

  • 👏👏

  • epic, majestic, sabatonic

  • Shivers and Goosebumps! \m/

    • Yo where ma floorgangs! Homie at?! We got a Continent to Conquer!

  • Sabaton. Is. Great

  • Muito massa 🕺🎶🎶🎶🌎🇧🇷

  • Mi reacción: No mms ya hicieron un live, hijos de p*** 🤣❤

  • Mit der Corona Scheiße bei uns im Dummland geht es leider nur noch online...

  • Man blir fan tårögd när man hängt med i 16 år :')

  • ну такое себе, марш

  • I want those coats

  • Så bra! Längtar att se er live nästa år

  • Även fast det är utan publik så ser det ut som du har så jävla roligt jocke

  • Good feeded band!

  • Good fedeed singer!

  • 🤘🤘🤘

  • Is that wierd to like a music without even understanding it?

    • @ᛁᚭᚱᛙᚢᚿᚴᛆᚿᛐᛧ᛫ᛆᛐᛧ᛫ᛌᛁᚴ᛫ᛌᛁᛆᛚᚠᛧ I guess music is beyond words afterall btw thanks for the suggestions man, I appreciate it👍🏻🤝🏻

    • Not at all. Just look at Eluveitie's song Epona, which is sung in Gaulish. That's a language that has been completely extinct for over 1800 years. Still an amazing song though. Then there's Turið Torkilsdóttir by Týr, which is sung in Faroese, a language which is spoken by around 75 000 people worldwide. Again, still an amazing song. The list can be made as long as an eternity written down in words.

  • *Yo where ma floorgangs! Homie at?! We got a Continent to Conquer!*

  • Пели конечно как в детском хоре. Никакой заинтересованности. Но музыка вытягивает

  • Прекрасно....

  • Why is this the same melody as a Danish Christmas song? Haha, I can't un-hear it!

  • I am so hyped for the English version!!

  • I’d love it if you folks would come to London Canada. Oh man would I love it!

  • I don't like the word "Ohrwurm" for Sabaton songs, but this song is one. Felicidades y saludos from the Cortezsea/ Mexico.