SABATON - Livgardet (Official Music Video)

The Official Music Video for Livgardet by Sabaton.
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========= Livgardet LYRICS =========

Smitt av eld och dalablod
Frusen mark och hjältemod
I en tid av krig de stod

Anor från blott 16 man
Rikets äldsta stridsförband

En tid
Av Krig

Vart vägen än bär
Att beskydda, gardet svär
För konung och rike de viger sitt liv

Knä om knä livgardet går
Kämpat för landsfader vår
Hängiven tjänst i 500 år
Från tåget över Bält
Stred vid Lund, på Narvas fält
De följa uti hjältars spår

Oavsett vem kronan bär
Till sin konung trohet svär
I en tid, av fred, de består

Traditioner i från förr
Vaktar ännu maktens dörr
I frid
Och i strid

Vart vägen än går
Runt vår konung gardet står
För land och för rike de offrar sitt liv

För Sverige i tiden
Dit konungen går
De gör vad som synes omöjligt, vad än framtiden spår

Vart vägen än bär
Att beskydda, gardet svär
För konung och rike de viger sitt liv

Ärat livgardet står
Grundat av landsfader vår
Hängiven tjänst i 500 år
Från tåget över Bält
Stred vid Lund, på Narvas fält
De följa uti hjältars spår

Recorded and mixed at Black Lounge studios by Jonas Kjellgren.
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - Los Angels -CA -USA
Sabaton is a registered and protected trademark.


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  • As a danish person i was able to understand alomst every Thing so yeah keep up the good work

  • German ??? Detuche?

    • This is a Swedish song. 이것은 스웨덴 노래다.

  • This makes me want to learn Swedish history and learn the language itself. Thank you.

  • So bra, hälsingar fron Finnland till dej.

  • Videon är tusen ggr bättre i den på engelska, varför inte samma video?

  • I couldnt speak i can sing a song in Swedish

  • This makes me proud to be Swedish and im not Swedish

  • Can some one teach me swedish and sabatons music is so amasing cant wait for more

  • Joakim used slap knee, but failed. Table used defend the knee, it was successful

  • The organ at the beginning made a big impression on me :)

  • Förlåt

  • Like both videos of this song. Interesting to see the slight differences. Got to say Sabaton looks perfect in the uniforms. Excellent production, thanks.

  • How men would dress without pressure from society

  • My like is 101k! Lol

  • Hannes van Dahl - Extra 😂

  • Makes me wonder how the Vikings became to be... this...


  • Ok, who wants this to be the new Swedish National Anthem? Imagine you could listen to this before a match in international championship football. :D

  • När kommer det en homage till K4

  • oomg this makes me hungry at the end

  • danish christmas song in the start lol

  • You guys probably dress up like that once a Year and meet like that. I have no doubt about it. Each year is a different Country.

  • First fought, then they ate, feels good serving the King and Fatherland!

  • The Sabaton Effect strikes me again. I feel like a Swede even though I don’t any Swedish blood in me.

    •'s the Sabaton Effect :)

  • Aesthetics is dead today. Imagine that these were military, and they were surrounded by beauty, from their clothing to their weapons to their buildings and ships. Today, when we have more time and resources than ever to create beauty, we've stopped it completely and everything is just "functional". The 1910s was when beauty died. Let's bring it back in this century.

  • 3:57 signing the order for Steiner to begin his attack


  • You guys makes an amazing job, bringing history to life :)

  • Joakim sounds better in swedish, I really like this song, Sabaton shows maturity in their musical abilities and in their writing, I think they finally reached their peak and I hope they stay there for a long time. I can't wait to see them soon in the USA touring with the gods of metal Judas Priest. 🤘

  • Sabaton - bästa sättet att studera historia

  • YEEEES !!!! More Swedish Songs PLEASE. I fucking love it! I cant get enough of it.

  • *builds IKEA furniture patriotically*

  • I don't understand the song but I feel the song

  • Long live Carolus Rex! As a finn im proud we was part of Sweden. Skål from Finland.

  • I think that Besser wizard didnt understand what the song was about and stfu

  • English music video: shows guard fighting the ottomans and is overall violent Swedish music video: we gonna argue over this map then have a feast to make up

  • Livgarded (Swedish version): "Let's have a gamenight with added all you can eat" Livgarded (English version): "TO BATTLE!"

  • Church would be awesome if härlig ar jorden was played like this.

  • these guys SUCK

  • So many questions: Are they playing Risk? What's in the pipe?

  • Crazy how similar Swedish is to English

  • When sweden still got real men left ... so sad too se my country today 2021. :/

  • Absolutely awesome!! 👍👍👍 It makes me goosebumbs. 🤗

  • Anime

  • Ska bli en ära att (förhoppningsvis) se er i januari 2022

  • 1:30 leaked footage of Hannes finally losing it after getting repeatedly blown up by Joakim during the Great Tour

  • Just got my one of 5000 gold plated medals from "Mynthuset" Sweden :D With the 500 year celebration of "Livgardet" :D

  • the melody in the intro is from a danish song called "dejlig er jorden" written by Bs.ingemann in 1850. Funny how a swedish band in a song about sweden in swedish is using a danish song.

    • @Tobilike bacon No. Its german and called Schönster herr jesu. B.S Ingemann just copied it.

    • @Guildford Suxs Well the original was written by Bs.ingemann

    • Its not a danish song. Every country has its own version.

  • why i always before watching this video i go to the kitchen?

  • As a Chinese, this song, as well as the video, remind me of one poem well known in our country (凉州词 / Liangzhou Verses, translated by 曾培慈 / Betty Tseng): Fine red wine glitters in a jade chalice that glows in the night, 葡萄美酒夜光杯 Before I could drink it come lyre notes giving orders to mount the horse. 欲飲琵琶馬上催。 Laugh not, I pray you, at my tipsiness that may see me fall drunk on the battlefield, 醉臥沙場君莫笑, For how many have been able to return in the history of war? 古來征戰幾人回? There is something in common cherished by all mankind, like courage, like loyalty. Respect to these warriors.

  • *Refund Black, buy Swede.*

  • i think its the same like the royal guards

  • Йоахим жестко ненавидит Петра 1 )

    • @SimplePoint Studio Показывают шведских королей, а потом лиса... Из этого сделал вывод.

    • @SimplePoint Studio Обратите внимание на лису, значит, хитрая...

    • @SimplePoint Studio Смотрели клип "Полтава"? Йоахим очень переживает это поражение, нанесенное шведам русскими войсками. Вел их Петр I, и даже, несмотря на предательство украинского пана Мазепы, победил, и это был разгром. Йоахим относится с уважением к русскому народу, как и я, например, к шведскому, но, Петра он не любит. Данная песня по стилистике примерно из тех времен. В ней это чувствуется.

    • Why? Why would you think that?

  • Объективно, Шведы обладали огромной военной мощью и отличной дисциплинированной армией, которая могла диктовать волю королей.

  • 0:01we sing this song on on our church

  • Darn ol' "neckbeards" mean I can't wear my fedora anymore. I'll have to get a tricorne now.

  • Before Sabaton: "Haha IKEA, they always pack too few small parts in, Kötbullar go brrrrrrrr." *Sabaton appears* Post Sabaton: "FROM THE OLD WORLD'S DEMISE, SEE AN EMPIRE RISE! FROM THE NORTH REACHING FAR! HERE WE ARE!!!" Honestly, if there is some kind of medal to honor citizens for making good PR for Sweden, you totally should get it, handed over by your King!

  • Sweden has to be the most badass country in the world

  • Super duper mega ultra bra låt! Har blivit beroende av den!


  • the English and Swedish versions of this song are so different

    • @Sabaton YES!

    • @Sabaton YES!

    • But both are epic, aren`t they?

  • låten var väldigt bra

  • The wine representative of blood I believe

  • Long-awaited song. Tired of songs glorifying the communists.

  • I would absolutely love to have a uniform like that 🥴

  • C'est de la bonne musique

  • Fairest Lord Jesus X IKEA gourmet & beverages. IKEA is all what I know of Sweden 🇸🇪. Cheers from HK. The song is fantastic.

  • Great song , terrible table manners

  • :) I am hungry thanks

  • Idag är det Sveriges nationaldag. Det firar jag med flaggan hissad och Sabaton på stereon.

  • 500 year of total badass grattis livgardet från en stolt svensk

  • Mer svenska låtar, mer karoliner, mer svensk historia

  • As a swede its more powerful if you can understand the history and lyrics, (I think most swedes would like to walk around in those 1800th costumes) it would be awesome

  • pewdiepie team

  • What about a song about the Battle Of Grunwald? Or something Lithuanian?

    • @Sabaton No, i didn't, but thank you!

    • Did you know you can send your specific song topics to our website?

  • Royal guard about their service to the king Livegart *munch*

  • What is the title of this movie?

  • "Of Sweden in time, where the king goes, it does what was impossible, only future's tracks".

  • To king, country and god. Nowdays= Egocentric idiots.

  • Bro!! 🍺🍺🍺 I’m a Swede now!!

  • Výborné . ✌🇸🇰✌

  • 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹.

  • It remember me of Deilig er jorden. Greetings from Slovakia

  • Stolt över Sverige och Sabaton!

  • Never thought I would like a song that isn’t English so much

  • Girls: Oh the Sweden is so cold country Boys:

  • So the Livgardet, after battle, don't bother to seek medical attention but just sit down to dinner. Then again, I suppose the food does restore hit points, so why not?

  • Another great song from a great band

  • Thank you for music.

  • And thats how Sabaton usually plan their concerts?

    • Usually there are more tanks involved.

  • Sabaton is my favorite rock band. its awesome!

  • I just realized it was Swedish -_-

  • I may as well make this a playlist of it's own too, Swedish or German which do I focus on learning

  • 0:11 un Raúl?!?

  • Sabaton muckbung ?

  • Den enda rimliga reklamen för försvarsmakten.

  • I thought Joakim was Henry VIII at first. Now that I think about it, Joakim can be a perfect role for Henry VIII

    • No, not really. I think that Joakim has some respect for females, and he´s by far not that fat.

  • I don't know if am enjoying the song or am just hungry

  • 🇩🇰 How is it that when I see a blue and yellow coat I get an urge to grab a musket and go defend Skåne 😆