SABATON - Panzerkampf (Live at Wacken World Wide)

Publicerades den 30 jan 2021
Sabaton performing Panzerkampf Live music at the Wacken World Wide 2020.
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======== Panzerkampf LYRICS =======

Into the motherland
The German army march

In the Soviet Union summer 1943
Tanks line up in thousands as far the eye can see
Ready for the onslaught
Ready for the fight
Waiting for the axis to march into a trap
Mines are placed in darkness
In the cover of the night
Waiting to be triggered
When the time is right
Imminent invasion, imminent attack

Once the battle started
There’s no turning back

The end of the third Reich draws near
It’s time has come to an end
The end of an era is here
It’s time to attack!

Into the motherland the German army march
Comrades stand side by side to stop the Nazi charge
Panzers on Russian soil a thunder in the east
One million men at war
The Soviet wrath unleashed!

Fields of Prokhorovka
Where the heat of battle burned
Suffered heavy losses
And the tide of war was turned
Driving back the Germans
Fighting on four fronts
Hunt them out of Russia
Out of Soviet land
Reinforce the front line
Force the axis to retreat
Send in all the reserves
Securing their defeat
Soldiers of the Union
Broke the citadel
Ruins of an army
Axis rest in hell

The end of the third Reich draws near
Its time has come to an end
The end of an era is here
Its time to attack

Into the motherland the German army march
Comrades stand side by side to stop the Nazi charge
Panzers on Russian soil a thunder in the east
One million men at war
The Soviet wrath unleashed!

Onward comrads! Onwards for the Soviet Union! Charge!

Ow mother Russia!
Union of lands
Will of the people
Strong in command
Ow mother Russia!
Union of lands
Once more victorious the red army stands!

The end of the third Reich is here
Its time has come to an end
The end of an era is here
Its time to attack!

Into the motherland the German army march
Comrades stand side by side to stop the Nazi charge
Panzers on Russian soil a thunder in the east
One million men at war
The Soviet wrath unleashed!


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    • I look forward to singing with you, jumping with you and rocking with you!!! Until then,, be safe guys. When you return, we will be there.

    • Yes I miss live music, but if things open in the US as planned I will be travelling with my sons to see you with Judas Priest in Las Vegas. See you in October!!!!!!! The first time I saw Sabaton was Oct. 2019 in Portland on what was apparently the craziest Monday show ever. At the end of the week I saw The Who up in Seattle. After the show my fiend said the Who was the best show he had ever seen. I thought I can't even say it was the best show I had seen that week.

    • Lepanto batle 1543 Cristián victory

    • autotune never needed for the best rockers of the 21st century!

    • I literally discovered you Guys yesterday, I really have been enjoying your music, I cant stop listening, looking forward to learning some Riffs

  • 1:18 Song start

  • 1:18 Song start

  • 5:46 wait, hol’up

  • Парад победы 9 мая | Сабатон | Радио ТАПОК | 9 may parade of victory in WW2 | UDO | Sabaton | Radio TAPOK 1:

  • The start of the song is just down-right dirty

  • Спасибо от всей души. До слёз!!!

  • 5:25 is greatness

  • good

  • Jakim, take care of your voice! We need your songs, Sabaton!

  • You can do anything now give the Russians nukes if you wanted to or anything you want

  • i love live versions of sabaton songs cause you can actually here the bass in the mix

  • РЕСПКТ!👍👍👍🤝✊✊🙋

  • сперли музыку у радио тапка

  • W

  • а че клипа нету ? и просмотров так мало ??? поучитесь у тапка, как это делается :)

  • sabaton is best 😍

  • I didn’t even realize it was a fake crowd until common sense kicked in 👁💧👄💧👁

  • Один из лучших треков группы, а в живом исполнении это бесценно

  • Deus abençoe vcs sempre. Sabaton

  • Класс.

  • Тесак ахуенен

  • Я одна не понимаю, зачем петь эту песню в Германии? Я не могу представить немцев, подпевающих этой песне. Зачем?

  • It always sounds off live


  • я хочу вернуться на родину

  • Audience or not,,, Sun glasses ARE cool,,,,,,

  • Круто круто круто! Благодарю, парни!

  • 🤟🤟🤟🤟

  • What the fuck is wrong with the sound?

  • 6:05 what?

  • Put year ear on your arm and touch the thumbnail of the arm that is on ear Just do it

  • Тематику этой песни не затронули ни одни из исполнителей хеви металла ил России. Мне как россиянину стыдно. Спасибо вам парни из Швеции, что воспели подвиги русских солдат!!!! The theme of this song was not touched upon by any of the heavy metal or Russian performers. As a Russian, I am ashamed. Thank you guys from Sweden for singing the exploits of Russian soldiers !!!!

  • I am gonna Ask my Kids this used to Be The Beatles

  • Russian Hi🖐☀

  • no hearth weak sound NEED NEW PAYMENT SYSTEM FOR REVOLUTION IN CRIMINAL GERMANY honest show because telekom is garbage read google maps + youtube the last bastion for Democracy

  • Regards from Bulgaria !!! Many of us respect you and your music so much !!!

  • Очень крутая группа

  • хорошо кушают Ряхи отожрали))))

  • it's so crazy, normally a band vibes / goes after how the crowd, cuz of covid it's not fully possible I am amazed of how they going with the flow

  • Йоаким офигено поет

  • Хреново у них под фанеру петь живым вокалом получается...

  • So many PANTHERS auf G !!!!

  • How is Sweden going with covid?

  • Круто ! Звучит очень мощно !

  • Ахах а зал то на пк нарисован)

  • Top essa música do sabaton 😁

  • Someone has said "Full credit to Johann for trying to pretend real people are in front of him". I could elaborate: "Full credit to the band for trying to pretend that real people are in front of them. And full credit to the people who overcame this crysis. Especially to all doctors and volunteers. This is a crazy time, and hopefully this is a time we can understand that nationalities, skin color, religion does not matter that much as long as we stay humans".

  • I wonder if they would be allowed to sing En livstad I krig in German.

  • Into the German land the Sabaton army march!

  • Cool perfomance! I'm singing with you!!!

  • Battle of Kursk, I don't know for sure, I'll look like a radio sneaker

  • Now i'm sad because I can't like twice.

    • But you can watch it twice!

  • Well that was a fun way to teach kids some history.

  • Damn, his voice sounds waaay different when he isn't screaming

  • Got mit uns

  • did the Russians take part in that war? America won all the wars thanks to its superheroes.

  • autotune never needed for the best rockers of the 21st century!

  • Вечная слава героям!!! Подвиг их навсегда увековечен!!! Спасибо всем ветеранам, ушедшим и живым которых осталось считанные единицы... И Sabaton спасибо за шикарную песню!!!

  • I so hope I get to see you live this year. Would you ever consider coming to Scotland 🤗🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. Thank you sabaton for bringing war history to life through music. Love to you all, stay safe 🤘🤘

  • So much metal it could rebuild the 7th Panzer Division.

  • Молодцы мужики! Про такие вещи нужно петь песни и помнить их историю, чтобы она не повторилась снова!

  • Мы ждем Вас в Москве! Россия -Вас ждет!

  • I'm Russian! And I love SABATON! Don't believe what they say about the Russians! Russian people are very fond of guests! Russian people lost a lot of people during the Second World War.Like no one else in the world, we are Russians - we want Peace!We-the Russians have never attacked - We are for Peace!We will always welcome you with an open heart! Each house will be a reliable support for you! Neither when nor who will offend you here in Russia!Russians are always ready to receive guests!Don't believe the politicians, We Russian people - who went through the horror of the Great Patriotic War - never want tears and blood.We Russian people Will always accept friends . Йоким - Вы супер ! -Jokim - You are super ! Можно написать по русский!? Все мое Я Вами восхищаюсь!You can write in Russian!? Everything is mine I admire you! Я много Вас слушаю, не была на Вашем концерте! Очень плохо!I listen to you a lot, I haven't been to your concert! Very bad!I'm a Don Cossack.I'm 35 years old, but we are Russian, we love our guests.We Russians love our guests with bread and salt! Jokim - Come to Russia! You are loved!

  • Fuck covid...we still shaking the foundations of earth to the beat of metal. Not even the bastard covid can keep us from what we love and enjoy

  • cows feels vibes


  • Ohhh, this is bad :) It's like concert in my bathroom.

  • 1:33 that electro guitar so gud.

  • I just drop-kicked a non-believer in Sabaton.

  • They should have added records from the crowd screaming "noch ein bier" in there, THAT would have ben fitting.

  • Amazing

  • This is WoW hi

  • Consert when covid

  • Я же не учил шведский в детстве .

  • Я ни черта не понимаю

  • Мать Россия защити европейские народы,США долой

  • 期待你们来中国演出

  • sabaton sabaton sabaton we are sabaton and this is ghost divison

  • Tęsknimy za koncertami na żywo z publicznością💕

  • Epic

  • Afrika Korps 😎

  • Me pulling up to Berlin with a tank and playing this music

  • you should do a song about the independence war of any country in america?

  • When we defeat the virus I want to listen Primo Victoria in concert hall. And they play in Japan again.

  • Sabaton's video budget has gradually been increasing from using clips from RTS games to actually making their own 3d graphics

  • Can you please head to Sydney Australia next

    • As soon as possible!


  • A song about tanks in germany ironic

  • It's 11 34 where I am here in utah I am a devil dog

  • Who else is so excited that you can even pay attention to the song

  • Sabaton starts playing The USSR and Theird reich :it's show time

  • Спасибо, что помните!

  • As a german this is even more legendary xD Absolutely my fav song

  • I wish they toured near me :( I'm gonna sound dumb

  • No se si se a publicado, creo apreté una tecla sin querer , discúlpenme si lo duplico : Sabaton en español lo redacto, por el hecho que espero que después de esta p--u--t.... (B--i---t---c....) pandemia , por favor en el hermoso país del que soy extranjero MÉXICO (I´M Venezuela, un país en ruinas y guerra psicológica gubernamental). Quiero sentir sus canciones de honor, amistad, humanidad y camaradería que hacen demostrar la real humanidad, de que no todos se deben de juzgar por igual y que a pesar de todo la verdad y la gloria triunfara. Aun existe fe en algunos, LOS AMO SABATON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no me importa si entran de medio, o de cerradores (que es lo que el mundo se merece de ustedes) sus canciones me dan fe en creer que saldremos a algo mas grande mientras el bien y la vida sea el camino a seguir.

    • @Sabaton muchas gracias sabaton 🤘🤘🤘 los amo!!!!

    • Iremos en cuanto podamos, Angel

  • This enrages Stalin's father who punish him severely Until the winter

  • напомните обязательно, что кроме панндзеркам есть и другие силы, которые бились с нацистской угрозой, всякие власовцы и роа, прошу, можно сочинять про советы песни и там и тут, предлагаю вам этим заняться, серьезно, советская тема в тренде!

    • с душой же шли, за идею, за Сталина, за коммунизм, было бы не плохо, чтоб вы это понимали

  • Incidently the first ever sabaton song i heard was a nightcore version of panzerkampf.I REALLY LIKE YOUR SONGS SABATON!!!

  • Нехай англоязычные знают шо было 70 лет назад на самом деле.А то у них сша выиграли войну и англия.