SABATON - Talvisota (Official Lyric Video)

Publicerades den 23 jun 2021
The official lyric video for Talvisota by Sabaton, taken from the album The Art Of War.
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========== HISTORIC FACT ==========

Talvisota (Finnish for “Winter War”) was a military conflict between Finland and the Soviet Union, began on the 30th of November 1939 and ended on the 13th of March 1940. Stalin thought that with the military strength the Soviet Union possessed Finland would be an easy target and surrender within weeks.The russians outnumbered the finnish heavily in manpower. Especially tanks and aircrafts, of which the finnish only had a few hundred. They Soviet offensive had some early success but was then brought to a grinding halt due to one of the coldest winters in memory at the time. The finnish took great advantage of their knowledge about skiing and the maneuvarability that gave them on the snow. That along with knowledge of the terrain and the movements of the Soviet troops lead to uncountable ambushes on convoys and advancing Soviet troops. The war ended in a Soviet victory, but at a very high cost, around 335’000 dead or wounded Russians. While Finland had 70’000 dead or wounded.

========= Talvisota LYRICS =========

Rise of nations pride

Russians on a route to ruin
Kreml is more then certain to win
Sent away an army to the west

Blizzard reigned the ground were chosen
Snow was deep and hell were frozen
Stalin were too eager to invade

He thought of the might he possessed
And not of his foe
Rage of winter

Rise, nations pride
Hold whats yours
Strike’em were it hurts

Fight, hold your ground
Winter war
Reinforce the line

Split them into small divisions
Rip ’em of the conquest visions
Motti tactics used with great result

Snipers move unseen in snowfall
Force them to retreat and recall
Fight the Russian rule and their demand

With Molotov cocktail in hand
No fear of their tanks
Death or glory

A slice of a knife to a throat
And their blood turns to ice


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  • Kato,sabaton tietää suomen

  • Me in ukriane with the boys fighting the russians

  • Milloin ryssät maksavat rahallisia korvauksia niille suomalaisille jotka joutuivat jättämään kotinsa!?

  • Starts hoi4.exe ==> pick finland ==> build strong defences around the lakes and rivers ==> let the commies grind themselfs to almost zero srength and organization ==> use battleplan assault on aggressive agsints the weak soviet divisons ==> profit.

  • I know That Sabaton is Swedish Band, so love from your Easter neightbor!

  • П...ц, это шведы! Вы хоть одного нашего "типа рокера", назовите, кто такое исполняет!,!!

  • Welcome to the Torture chamber Said the sign above the entrance Laughing as he taked you by the hand

  • Soviets: this gonna be easy *the snow starts shooting* Soviets: *confused screaming*

  • As a half russian and finn I don’t really like thinking about winter war whitch is probably understandable but I gotta say that I feel very patriotic when listening to this song

  • when snow starts speaking finnish

  • ”The soviet union has the most powerful army in the world” Finnish farmer: hold my koskenkorva

  • “Sabaton is the best band ever.” ~Sun Tzu

  • The vietnam war just in snow instead of a jungle

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  • respect for all Finnish soldiers to rest in peace. Greetings from Hungary :)

  • Hello, you who are reciting poetry from the heroes of the war, is it possible that one day you will also recite a poem about a hero and a myth in Iran named General Nader Jahanbani? He did not escape death and told the soldiers, "I must die so that the truth may live. Maybe if you knew who he was and read a poem to this person, maybe the truth he was looking for would live." Iranian general Nader Jahanbani known as General Blue Eyes. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • both as a finn and a huge fan, this one is one of my absolute favorite songs from Sabaton.

  • I hope sabaton can make something like "Desert Fox" about Erwin Rommel in Afrika korps

  • There is this old joke about a british general demanding to know how many soviet troops are deployed in Finland. Finally general Ehrnrooth muttered: "A few hundred thousand..." Where!? Demanded the british general. "Six feet deep cross the border." Said general Ehrnrooth.

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  • In a way Finland greatly sped up the end of WW2. If they had given up then Germany wouldn't have risked a 2 front war against Russia. Which means a much longer war as the US would have needed to figure out some way to counter Russia's scorched earth strategy. After the Polar Bear expedition the US did have a plan in place in case Russia ever needed invading. The plan was basically, capture everything on the coast, destroy their navy and airforce. Then sit on ass and bomb Russia from coast to inland until everything is dead. Despite most of the coast being made of ice and the US Pacific fleet needing to quintruole in size to cover that huge coast. I believe it was plan gray. Cause white was already reserved for invading the middle east. And plan red was invading Canada.

  • nice

  • Once more excellent execution in the video and audio love it as always

  • When I become ia history teacher, im just gonna play Sabaton music videos and oversimplified.

  • This remains one of the best Sabaton songs ever.

  • "The Finnish army is about 340,000 strong. How big is the attacking Soviet forces?" "A higher estimate of 760,000 soldiers, sir...?" "Makes sense... If they'd have less it would be an unfair fight"

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  • My grandfather die in WINTERWAR. But he fighting 101day of 105 day. And mannerheim give him 2x Cross of freedom medals.

  • I live in Finland

  • Can you do a song about the HMS Hood? or one of the other Royal Navy ships such as the HMS Warspite, HMS Duke of York, or HMS Belfast?

  • 10000 soviet soldiers approach Finnish lines. There is small hill between Finns and Soviets. One finnish soldies stands on the hill and shouts: ”One finn equals ten russians!” Soviet commander sents 10 men to kill finn. Gunfight sounds are heard and then silence... Again finnish soldies stands on the hill and shouts ”One finn equals 100 russians!” Soviet Commander sents 100 men to kill finnish guy. Again, gunfight, yelling and silence... Then same finnish soldier stands on the hill and shouts ”One finn equals 1000 russians!” But then one heavily wounded russian shouts from the hill: ”WAIT. IT’S A TRAP! THERE IS TWO OF THEM!!!”

  • Njet, Molotoff! Cлава финам сдержавшим красное нашествие.

  • Much love to Finland from Poland! 🇫🇮❤️🇵🇱

  • I am Ukrainian. My grandgrandfather Ivan was conscript in 1940, he took part in talvisota and later in second world war. He died before I was born. My grandmother told me his stories about finnish snipers. RIP all finnish and soviet warriors.

  • I didnt understand much but RISE NATIONS PRIDE

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  • took me until about halfway through the video to figure out it was about the Winter War :/


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    • You should make suggestions on their website.

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  • Soviet Union: let's invade Finland Finland: PERKELE SIIHEN ET KOSKE SAATANA Soviet Union: retreat!

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  • Best metal bands: Sabaton, Powerwolf, and DragonForce Change my mind.

  • Russia Was Not Ready... For The White Death That Approached Them in Finland... Why are all northern nations so tough in wars? Russia Canada Sweden Finland jeez the list goes on.. anyways Good Job Sabaton You Nailed it yet again!

  • Cлава захисникам Фiнляндii смерть московсько бiльшовицьким загарбникам

  • Virgin Soviet soldier: b-but were RUSSIANS!! We’re suppose to thrive in winter, a-and we have, like MILLIONS of Soviet Simps... Chad Finnish sniper: Sneeki breeki this, ya cyka...

  • I wish sabaton never stops uploading awesome music

  • Zaycev net .....?!

  • Hello Sir. Thank you for the video. It's a really nice video, but the writing style is not very readable. Please use more readable font styles in your other videos.

  • Could you do a song on the battle of hengyang ? I mean, I know the Chinese lost and the you guys do stuff more Europe focused But it think it could be nice to give the Chinese some recognition for there role in the war.

    • They've done songs about Samurai. And "Art of War" was about Sun Tsu. But you might want to suggest on their website; they're more likely to see it there.

  • Awesome.

  • Split them into small divisions Rip them of the conquest visions Motti tactics used with great result what ? you know that the Finns surrendered after 3,5 months and this with the help of Swedish mercenaries, British aircraft, one of the world's best defensive lines and winter

    • Look up battle of suomussalmi, battle of tolvajärvi, etc. No fortifications. First swedes only came in north two weeks before war ended. Finns captured more modern artillery from soviets than they had before the war started. And of course the myth of Mannerheim line that Soviets spread to mask their failure. Mannerheim line wasn’t anywhere near world’s best fortifications. It was very poorly equipped and mostly field fortications. The bunkers were very well built but there were too few of them. For example Maginot line had more bunkers in few kilometers than Mannerheim line in total.

  • Hey sabaton!!! When you finish the art of war album full of lyrics please make a primo Victoria album lyrics please!!!!!! My farvorite song in primo Victoria is counterstrike can't wait for it!!!!!!!!! And you are the best heavy metal ever!!!!! Bye

  • Sabaton has recently been making songs of the Eastern Front which have a blitzkrieg hard and fast tempo to them.

  • The Finns also engaged in some amazingly dirty tactics, such as causing friendly-fire incidents between Russian units or nailing the Russian field kitchens with artillery (no hot food for you, comrade). For the record, I completely approve of this sort of thing. :D

  • Amazing job friends!!! Like fro Georgia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Россия всегда хотела и хочет МИРА! Наш президент Всегда был и будет МИРОТВОРЦЕМ! Не доверяйте тем, кто говорит про РОССИЮ гадости! Я - умру за РОССИЮ!

  • grym låt

  • Вторая Великая - это супер! А Слабо - Вам написать историю Александра Невского? Или Вам - про Русь - матка и яйца не позволяют написать?

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  • Дизлайк из России. Слава СССР!

  • *Strike them were it hurts* Load the armour piercing round and shoot But sir it's a human I know, I know

  • Soviets: we have taken enough land to bury our dead Finns: cool story bro

  • Из России с любовью😍🤟Парни жгите! Россия Матушка всегда была добра к друзьям! Приезжайте к нам с Добром - МЫ Русские ни когда не нападали первыми. Вы вспомните историю - " кто к нам с мечом прийдет, от этого меча и погибнет! Я живу в Крыму и голосовала за присоединение Крыма с Россией! Россия - это супер Держава! Что было когда Крым был украиной - они же все разворовали! А теперь хотят обратно все вернуть когда Россия все отстроила ! Позор тем , кто ведется на провокации против РОССИИ!

    • tf

    • лол. даже а песне про нападение ссср на финляндию этот бред пишешь, позорник. еще предложи им проголосовать за присоединение после "гуманитарных" бомбардировок хельсинки.


  • Nice music


  • Буду ждать кавер Радио тапок.

  • right after I watched this I looked at the merchandise and bought this:

  • Soviet union: we can survive the worst winters ever, lets fight Finland Finland: you attacked me during one of the harshest winters of the 20th century.

  • Finler için Türk diyorlar ama.. :)

  • Клоуны в комментариях совершенно не знают истории: 1) Финляндия потеряла 11% территории. 2) До войны СССР предлагал обмен территорий, Финляндия получала больше 3) Финляндия запросила мира и подписала мирный договор на условиях СССР

    • @Julius Hakala no, we didn't. We wondered why didn't it happen earlier. Oh do you think we should keep advancing after breaking Manergheim line and wipe Finland from the world map ignoring truce proposals?

    • @Фёдор Шеффер And then you wonder why we joined up with Germans after the conflict

    • @Julius Hakala you should see this coming while capturing lands during our Civil War and constructing defenses that close to St.Petersburg. So, yes, it was justified if you really had good intentions, unlike poles.

    • @Фёдор Шеффер Our peaceful distribution of territories in 39 would have meant to give our defensive line of the Karelian isthmus to SU. The area which you Russkies offered in turn were useless piece of land

    • @Julius Hakala for what for? If Stalin wanted to conquer Helsinki he would do it in 1939 or in 1944 during so-called Continuation War, no matter, even if that means more losses. And as you now, Germany stayed aside, while the general plan of England and France was to bump Germany and USSR heads in Finland that's why they convinced your people to avoid peaceful redistribution of territories.

  • This is so cool, love it!

  • There dropping the bread baskets, let’s give them a cocktail to go with it

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  • Hey Sabaton, Do you think you could make a song about the D-day Invasion please? I think It would be a huge hit. I would'nt be able to make your tours, Bc of me being a teen. I am a huge fan and I would hope you could do one about D-day or about the US-NAVY becuase My mother is a Naval Veteran. Please? Or A song about the German Invasion of Russia from a German POV?

    • go check primo victoria, its about that

    • Do you know how you can be one of the firsts to know when it happens? Visiting our tour section from time to time :)

  • Torni 3:27

  • Germany: loses because the russian winter USSR: almost loses because the Finnish winter everyone, please stop fighting in winter, is a bad idea

  • Bought of my gransdads was there.

  • Soviets: attacks Finland Finland: fights back snow: starts suddenly shooting soviet soldiers Soviets: *confused screaming*


  • Since they've done a song about the Winter War, they might as well do a song about the Continuation War.

  • Finland is a great nation, I can feel nothing but pride and admiration for its people. May the noble heroes who fought for their homeland rest in peace.

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