SABATON - The Art Of War (Full Album Experience)

Publicerades den 30 maj 2021
We released our album "The Art of War" on May 30, 2008. Today, we want you to be able to experience the album just as it was meant to be heard. From start to end.
These days most people listen to a few songs only, and miss a lot of good ones.
-We now challenge you to break the norm, and take the time to enjoy this album. And perhaps you will learn something new!

This album is based on the writings of General Sun Tsu, the celebrated military tactician from ancient China. Just as Sun Tzu’s Art of War book has 13 chapters, each dealing with a different aspect of warfare, the album has 13 tracks - each telling of a different historical battle.

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======== The Art Of War Tracklist =======

1. Sun Tzu Says
2. Ghost Division
3. The Art Of War
4. 40:1
5. Unbreakable
6. The Nature Of Warfare
7. Cliffs Of Gallipoli
8. Talvisota
11. Panzerkampf
10. Union [Slopes Of St.Benedict]
11. The Price Of a Mile
12. Firestorm
13. A Secret

Bonus Tracks

14. Swedish Pagans
15. Glorious Land
16. The Art Of War - Pre Production Demos
17. Swedish National Anthem - Live At Sweden Rock Festival


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  • We hope you enjoyed the full album experience.. This is how we wanted to present it to you, from start to end 🙂 Let us know what you think in the comments. ➞ SUBSCRIBE for more Sabaton: ➞ MERCHANDISE Official Store:

    • new fan here. I heard about you when the HU tour was announced. Big fan now.

    • @slavic potato e+8 .

    • @Sabaton I have an album idea! What if you made an album that covers the most important moments of ww2 in timeline order! Idk it’s just a random idea! And I also got tickets to see your concert in Hamilton on the 5 of November!

    • Very well done! Thanks Sabaton

    • Oooooh yes i do !!!! Even thought i’ve yet to decide which album is the best. It keeps getting as time goes on, and albums release. You guys are just amazing, and have been for so many years. Keep it up 🤘🤘

  • Great!!!!!!!!! Power 0:24

  • when there a ad on a music video

  • Спасибо Сабатон. Не дай бог войны. Ещё одна такая война . Вернёт человечество в каменный век.

  • My cat listened to this album and now it's a lion

    • It happens quite often, don't worry

  • If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight! Sun Tzu said that, and I'd say he knows a little more about fighting than you do, pal, because he invented it! And then he perfected it so that no living man could best him in the ring of honor. Then, he used his fight money to buy two of every animal on earth, and then he herded them onto a boat and then he beat the crap out of every single one. And from that day forward any time a bunch of animals are together in one place it's called a 'zoo'! Unless it's a farm!

  • me when it was time for panzerkampf INTO THE MOTHERLAND THE GERMAN ARMY MARCH!!!!!!!!

  • Might have been said already somewhere about Sabaton. I find it almost impossible to listen to a few songs from one of their albums, more so if the album is telling a story of a event in history, they are trying to tell you through their music. Yes after awhile you find songs you like a little bit more than others but for most part, when it comes to me and my thoughts, i find that Sabaton has almost to no bad songs when it comes to their albums that makes me want to skip over to another song instead of just listening to the whole album to understand the story the album is telling you.

  • MMM>

  • 777>

  • firestorm: "nothing repeats" my sleep schedule : "indeed"

  • Forgot to asd that I got to meet Jock Moffet...the Swordfish pilot who disabled the Bismark's Rudder. Another great man. I recommend his book. And I had a good friend who was a pilot in KG 55 flying Ju-88s. Old Helmet is gone..but I became his Kommeraden when I thanked him for his service. I do the same for anyone in the service I encounter. Saburo Sakai and his wife...also good friends.

  • I got introduced to Sabaton via Skippy...the Orc Hind Pilot of Monster Hunter International (Larry Correia's awesome book series) That was the Last Stand...and having a visual imagination..I could see that Crusader Battle in my mind. And it grabbed ahold of me and has necver let go. All of their stuff is amazing...and I have one or two I call my faves...Blood of Bannockburn because I am a Scottish stirs the blood....and Night Witches as I have been to Monino and have seen their Po-2s painted in their colors...and had read their memorials there and at the Central Museum. (Also learned of Vassily Zeitsev before the film came out. I also had the very distinct pleasure of meeting Major Sergei Agavelian...a Normandie Neiman. Great man. And I could call the Daughter in Law of Valery Chkalov, "Mama Inna" as she was such a wonderful lady I could not help but love her dearly. Even today...thinking of her I recall those massive hugs & kisses for saying "Mama Inna" Gone many a year but never forgotten) Thank you for this Sabaton and all involved.

  • Still the best Album from Sabaton for myself.

  • War is Art that not so beautiful.

  • Haha, nice one at the end

  • Есть песни, посвященные неравной схватке польской армии с вермахтом. Да, панцербригаден было не остановить. Но мало кто знает, что в это время, в спину польской армии был нанесен не менее мощный удар советских орд. Которые оккупировали половину Польши, погнали тысячи и тысячи людей в скотовагонах в мерзлую степь в Казахстане на мучительную смерть. Расстреляли в Катыни польских офицеров, полицейских, интеллегенцию. Пытали и убивали в застенках той самой Брестской крепости. может песенку про это запилить ? Комиссары с револьверами, ночные допросы у НКВД, утренние расстрелы в тумане... Романтика Мордора !

  • Хорошая работа,Sabaton/Good work,Sabaton!

  • Best part : 0:00 - 49:39

  • como no amar el solo de guitarra de las canciones de sabaron

  • This was the album that got me into Sabaton all those years ago \m/ Still one of their best

  • Why the symphony background??? It ruins what sound like good stuff

  • Starting with Ghost division was a bold choice, but i like it

  • Amazing ..take care .

  • What would I do without you, my Swedish friends))) It's so fun to fall asleep under this, thanks for keeping the memory of those events that many people forget)))) (Yes, it was a google translator)

  • 106 people didn't like this. I have to ask, if you're not a fan of the band TF are you doing wasting time here? Find something you like.

  • This is my favorite album and my favorite music is the price of a mile greetings for all of you guys 🇧🇷🇧🇷

    • Greetings from Sweden!

  • "who is weak is weak , who is strong is strong " Shean Tfuuu

  • If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight!" Sun Tzu said that, and I'd say he knows a little bit more about fighting than you do, pal, because he invented it.

  • This is the best album period

  • Just ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ok, that's it, I want the full Sabaton discography

  • Let Your Plans Be Dark And Impenetrable As Night And When You Move Fall Like A Thunder Bolt - Sun Tzu Art Of War

  • Hello, you who are reciting poetry from the heroes of the war, is it possible that one day you will also recite a poem about a hero and a myth in Iran named General Nader Jahanbani? He did not escape death and told the soldiers, "I must die so that the truth may live. Maybe if you knew who he was and read a poem to this person, maybe the truth he was looking for would live." Iranian general Nader Jahanbani known as General Blue Eyes. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • The fact that sabaton know the importance of lyric videos will always be awesome! Thank you for deciding to do things like this Pär!

    • Thank YOU for supporting us!

  • Sun tzu said: sabaton is f*cking metal

  • Что лицензионное соглашение с парадоксами закончилось на песни? Что решили выпустить песни из игры.

  • In the art of war the first failure is war. You should avoid it but if you must you should win. The only thing sadder than victory is defeat. It's simple realy. There is nothing you can conquer that it's not easier to build or trade for. With much less saddness and way less people who want revenge.

  • God that transition from "Nature of Warfare" to "Fields of Gallipoli" will never fail to give me chills

  • that fucking end thing i hateyouihateyouihateyouihateyou

  • Сели?)) Добро пожаловать.

  • Sun Tzu also says: "It is better to capture an entire regiment rather than to destroy it"


  • Pretty good album, pretty weird ending but really cool album

  • 49:27 😳

  • молодцы ребята уважаю вас !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I did an oopsie thinking this was the SONG, not the entire ALBUM best mistake I ever made :)

  • I have just finished listening to this album, and now suddenly I am in a T-34 driving the Wehrmacht out of Soviet Russia while blasting Katyusha.

  • Very

  • Songs: 0:00 - 0:24 Sun Tsu says 0:25 - 4:16 Ghost Division 4:16 - 9:23 Art of War 9:23 - 13:33 40:1 13:39 - 19:34 Unbreakable 19:50 - 20:50 Nature of Warfare 20:50 - 26:28 Cliffs of Gallipoli 26:30 - 30:15 Talvisota 30:20 - 35:30 Panzerkampf 35:30 - 39:40 Union 39:40 - 45:41 The Price of a Mile 45:41 - 49:00 Firestorm

    • ok yeah but i like how The Nature of Warfare acts like the intro for the next one

  • Keep on rocking Sabaton! \m/ Hoping you'll make it to PA sometime

  • So much respect for you as the creators of this to give it away like that for everyone to enjoy! thank you guys

  • to those who have fallen and those who still stand i give my upmost respect to those who have fallen we will never forget your sacrifice to those who still stand may those dark days be behind you and for us to work for a better future one without war as many know this war knows no nation and never will it is only destruction

  • Moira Fogarty

  • Обожаю сабатон

  • This is my favourite Sabaton album.

  • Sabaton back at it again with the fan service, tis why they are the best band. If you disagree you are on the enemy lines.

  • i promise i didn't illegally download

  • this should come with instructions what to do / not to do during listening period. you know, just as it was meant to be enjoyed

  • 1816th


  • I cannot wait to see them in St Louis in September. My husband on youngest son are super excited too.

  • one of the top 3 album for sure

  • maybe spyware 666 is what the Bible meant

  • французкая кампания. она прошла блистательно. в россии немного не получилось.

  • Воспоминания о колодцах забитыми трупами детей и угнаных их родителей в Германию, не дают нам забыть их голоса. Memories of wells filled with the corpses of children and their parents who were taken to Germany do not allow us to forget their voices.

  • Best Sabaton album for sure!

  • "Meme them until they cry, then make memes of them crying" - Sun Tzu

  • Wow, good work, WE would believe !

  • i already have tickets

  • Sabaton should do a song about the batte for Shipka pass or Varbitsa pass

  • I will win but never fight

  • the song union (slopes of St. benedict) is the most bomb song ever

  • im pretty sure this is ghost division not art of war

    • @NoobsareNoobs 2 it's fine, we all make mistakes.

    • @Austin Neece thats on me i missread the title

    • Ghost division is a song, Art of war is the album.

  • 知己知彼,百战不殆--孙子

  • Man, I listen to your music every night to sleep, I downloaded this and the spyware thing at the end almost made me shit my pants lmao, I woke up straight from that.

  • yes yes yes fucking yes🤘

  • Love your song Bismarck, First day I actually listened to some of your other songs, You guys are so totally cool!!!! Your subject matter reminds me of Iron Maiden. Different but just as cool.

  • Pfff WTF that's terrible...somebody bomb those guys how hard could it be...oh wait

  • the dislikes on the video where from people who were offended

  • wait, its not "No Warning they enter that Land"? my whole life was a lie

  • What was that ending tho

  • leedin in the name perwitin

  • LMAO 49:28 for ppl using youtube to mp3

  • How many wasted lifes How many dreams did fade away Broken promises they won't be coming home.

  • caramba cara, vcs sao demais, um dia irei conhecer vcs pessoalmente. sucesso galera !!!

  • Was just listening to 40:1, when the song came online. It's one of the best, although every song of yours is a very good one.

  • I will always admire the German more than any fucking thing in my entire life. Germans are just awesome.

  • Latvija.Молодцы!!!

  • I have contributed a lot of views to this

  • Hearing this album in full is brilliant!. It's great hearing an album taking the concepts of The Art of War and a song for each chapter. Much respect.

  • I'm Pole and I want to thank you Sabaton for song "Inmate 4859" about Witold Pilecki. For me he is hero - he went to nazi concentration camp Auschwitz of his free will, he was volounteer in a place, which was described as hell on Earth. He escaped from a place, where man who was in charge (Rudolf Höss, if I remember correctly) was greeting prisoners with words "Only way out from here - is chimney". After World War II he was accused of... spying for IIIrd Reich by Polish communists controlled by USSR. In prison cell Pilecki wrote in letter that "Compared to this prison, Oświęcim was a plaything". *Oświęcim - Auschwitz in Polish

  • Ñ

  • I love them álbum, long live metal bros!!!

  • **listening to Firestorm** Yeeeee-- **interrupted by ad about smoking** oh no, oh no no no lol

  • why are ads appearing

  • I would 100% LOVE to se something like this for all their albums.

    • We'll think about it!

  • What this song about? ehh lure enemy to the trap?

    • @Austin Neece Ghost division is my fav song when i guide my panzer to the enemy territory xD

    • @The red Heavy The album is called "Art of war" there is also a song called "the Art of War" and a song called "Ghost division" both are part of the album called "Art if war"

    • @Austin Neece That song is Art or war next gen xD

    • You talking about "40:1"?

  • You are right, it truly is another experience if you listen from start to finish at once. Though random songs from my playlist have their place since I don't always want to start at the same songs.