SABATON - The Royal Guard (Official Lyric Video)

Publicerades den 16 apr 2021
The Official Music Video for The Royal Guard by Sabaton.
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========= The Royal Guard LYRICS =========

From the frozen north they came
Fought for founding father’s claim
It was then, their tale, began

Trace their roots from 16 strong
By the king where they belong

En tid
Av Krig

Wherever he goes, near or far, they are close
For the King of Sweden they lay down their lives

For the Swedish crown they stand
By the king, at his command
500 years for the fatherland
Marching across the belt
Crushing blow at Narva dealt
Livgardet our Royal Guard

Sworn protectors of the throne
Royal doctrine set in stone
For the crown, you shall give your life

By traditions from the past
Swedish soldiers stand steadfast

I frid
Och i strid

And if one should fall, yet another, heeds the call
For king and for country they lay down their lives

För Sverige i tiden
Dit konungen går
De gör vad som synes omöjligt, vad än framtiden spår

Still for the crown they stand
By the king, at his command
500 years for the fatherland
Marching across the belt
Crushing blow at Narva dealt
Livgardet our Royal Guard

Recorded and mixed at Black Lounge studios by Jonas Kjellgren.
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - Los Angels -CA -USA
Video created by HK Visual Creations.
Sabaton is a registered and protected trademark.


  • Amazing(:

  • Sabaton never fails to deliver

  • Just heard it the first time, great❤️💕

  • Sabaton: if you guys read this comment, you guys are amazing, utterly amazing! Your songs are the story of the world! Many years of Good Health and Prosperity to you, and I'll be listening to all your songs!

  • But its the Greek Flag hahahaha

  • After listening to this, I am now ready to lay down my life to protect the king of Sweden and fight alongside my brethren in combat.

  • If you wish to feel patriotic to country you've never been born in listen to Sabaton. *For the Swedish Crown they stand* Greetings from Russia

  • Они пришли с замерзшего севера Сражаясь за отца-основателя Тогда и началась их история Начало своё они берут от шестнадцати отважных И от короля, которому они принадлежат Время Войны Где бы он не был, Вблизи или вдали, они всегда рядом За Короля Швеции они пожертвуют жизнью Отважно стоят они за Шведскую корону Повинуясь приказам короля Пятьсот лет сражаются за своё отечество. Идут через земли, Сокрушая врагов при Нарве, Королевская гвардия, наши спасатели Верные защитники престола, Королевское учение высечено в камне: Отдай за корону свою жизнь По традициям прошлого, Непоколебимо стоят шведские воины Во время мира И в час войны И если падёт один, Другой услышит зов За короля и родную страну они отдадут жизнь Отважно стоят они за Шведскую корону Повинуясь приказам короля Пятьсот лет сражаются за своё отечество Идут через земли, Сокрушая врагов при Нарве, Королевская гвардия, наши спасатели За Швецию - во все времена Где бы ни был король Они делают то, что кажется невозможным Что бы ни приготовило им будущее Где бы он не был, Вблизи или вдали, они всегда рядом За Короля Швеции они пожертвуют жизнью Всё так же защищают они корону, Повинуясь приказам короля Пятьсот лет сражаются за своё отечество Идут через земли, Сокрушая врагов при Нарве, Королевская гвардия, наши спасатели.

  • Me: Monarchy is cringe *for the king of Sweden they lay down their lives* Also me: Uh Based?

  • Try turning the speed on 2x, its like they have a meeting on 8 but they have to record a song at 7:45.

  • How am I English but feeling such pride for Sweden? What's happening?!

  • esta banda deveria gravar oficial os hinos nacionais atualizados de todos os paises!

  • Its been a month now and im blasting this music during covid vaccination day here in the Philippines it helps me calm down and feel patriotic to a country that i was not even born in LONG LIVE THE CROWN AND THE FATHERLAND!!

  • I like the subtle nod of including the war banner instead of the official flag of the time nice

  • Is a beautiful and a strong song

  • This should be the theme of pewdiepies minecraft series

    • That would be epic!

  • They fighted until there was only 300~ They give their lifes just to get their wounded king into safety, defending him of the Russian And they would be left behind to give their lifes just to save him The king of sweden would later be killed, in the night, by a bullet that couldn't be heared, while defending the fatherland against all the Empires of Europe The Empire of Sweden will never be forgotten!

  • When you learn more about history from these videos than from the actual history books

    • We are kind of complementary lessons

  • Denna låt får mig att känna mig stålt som svensk! 🇸🇪

  • The only thing that would of made this better is some pics of the modern day royal guard

  • I thought sabaton split? Never mind

  • Still wonder how they dropped the ball to protect King Carlous Rex

  • Hem,well,maybe i can suggest song about Battle rus against teutonic 😂😂😂,the battle of lake peipus

  • Do the phillipino last stand on that mountain in the korean war or was it vietnam? Edit:it was the battle of yultong

  • каждый трек это просто оргазм для ушей

  • Sabaton does a great job with history and music. Great stuff. No hot Swedish women in there videos lol. Yet. Still Waiting. Thanks Sabaton. Keep it up.

  • Вы лучшие!

  • Sabaton you should sing a song about Glorious Prussia:D

  • For a moment I thought it was about Norway, not Sweden since the first Swedish lyrics are the same in Norwegian. The rhythm of song is also very close or inspired by a very popular song in Norway called "Gledelig er Jorden" which is a Christian song often sung in churches today at the start of each sermon. To put it in context it is like expecting a patriotic song about Scotland, but then it turns out to be a song about England xD

  • Awesome to hear Narva present in both Swedish and English versions. Next best thing to having an Estonia-dedicated Sabaton song

  • im so proud that this was posted on my birthday

  • Топ

  • Ждём новый ольбом)

  • Jesus sabaton makes me want to revive the Swedish empire with nothing but 300 calvary and 40 cannons

  • Love the song so much❤️ But for some reason I keep hearing the soundtrack for a Christmas song in the ref and the intro and started to sing on that one🙈 Sorry I’m weird. Love yous ❤️ Lots of love from a Norwegian girl in Scotland

  • Vergil : Die! Dante:


  • 1) 2)


  • me: *trying to sleep* my brain: "FOR THE CROWN, YOU SHALL GIVE YOUR LIFE"

  • *Hymn of Pewdiepie, the leader of the swedish and his bro army guard.*

  • Holy shit. I hear this song for about 10h.

  • Swedish language version was greater! Svenska - great!

  • Norway / sweden war in 1814 next? 😉

  • С какими же уважением и гордостью к своей стране они это делают, нам учиться надо. With such a proud and respect to their country it's done. That's great !

  • You should write song about bear Wojtek in army: , This is an amaizing history.

  • Love the inclusion of the Crusader's Hymn (the tune to Fairest Lord Jesus) at the beginning of this. Awesome!

  • Can you make a song about the red tails of ww2 or the japaneze kamikaze that would be awesome

    • But red tails would be awesome.

    • The Japanese kamikaze were covered in Midway, that was basically the whole premise of that song.

  • This and Carolus Rex do an amazingly effective job at making me feel more patriotic towards Sweden than my own disappointing country, the US. I really hope I can see you guys live at some point!

  • Song Idea for History Events a Song Called Pearl Harbor ;)

  • Hear me out here, Manowar - Warriors of the world. If you guys made a cover of that song, I'd be content with life lol

  • Is this melody original? Or is it from some Swedish anthem or smth?

  • im really confused. the otomans were your allies.

  • Alternate ending: Peter the Great: Kurai Sweden, twenty cm diameter cannonball splash! Sweden: Muda muda muda! Sabaton, toki yo tomare! Peter The Great: *dies*

  • Вас махен зе зих,, гуд,😈🤝🤝🤝

  • Another epic music. Makes me patriotic to other nations. Can you guys make a song about the Battle of Yultong? Thank you. Keep it up, stay safe, and God bless you guys.

  • i'm russian saami, and i'm supposed not to like Sweden, but it's truly a masterpiece

  • Honestly, a song about the Napoleonic wars would be great.

  • Lol, imagine King Carl Gustaf reacting to this

  • So, I 've listen the 2 version and I prefer the first in original song. more patriotic for Sweden.


  • Never knew I will find a band that makes me want to google things about history so feverishly. I only wish I would've took the step of discovering Sabaton much earlier. Maybe one day they will have a song about something Hungarian too! One can dream , right? We don't have much super awsome stuff in our history but the Revolution of 1956 or the barely known Scrubby Guards makes for a nice mental image for me. Both group risen from desparation and faced overwhelming odds. The revolution was drowned in blood but the Scrubby Guards fought until they liberated one of our major city from the Treaty of Trianon.

  • Hello from Russia ( привет из России)

    • Greetings from Sweden!

  • I feel proud

  • Sabaton, the best metalband ever !!

    • Thank you for appreciating our music!

  • I really want an Asian Album. But 500 more years for Livgardet!

  • luv yu no homo

  • I love you guys, whenever i listen to you you make my day better, i love history and i love your songs the first song i heard was uprising, i instantly fell in love, keep up the good work guys :)

  • !!!!

  • I can’t wait until the next album

    • Time will come...


  • Nobody: My last three braincells in the middle of the exam trying to sing different song each: Me:**Confused Screaming**

  • Super muza👍👍👍

  • funny, i was playing a swedish empire campaign in empire total war and i was recommend this.

  • The Irish would’ve loved this back in Ireland.

  • Hear me out: a sabaton song about Joseph Beyrle.

  • Don't EVER mess with the Vikings!

  • Sabaton is the only Heavy Metal Band that makes war stories become emotion and patriotic for any countries. From Patriotic emotion to catastrophic view of the war. I from Vietnamand even hearing Into the Fire song from ten years ago which has made me seen the catastrophic from both side. Love your song. Hope Sabaton band will make songs about all country of the world. P/s: For Vietnam, i would recommend write a song about Grand Prince Hưng Đạo

    • Oh, please send your specific song topics to our website, so that we can take a closer look:

  • I enjoyed the song it just felt like it was trying to get into another gear unsuccessfully.

  • I’ve basically made it a tradition to listen to sabaton everyday during history class. I learn more from these songs anyway

  • Hey boyos... this is weird. I prefer the Swedish one although i had no clue what it said...anyone else like this?

    • Personally, I'd love a mashup of the Swedish and English versions.

  • I am a historician and Sabaton is my music while i study

  • Ale michasso

  • Jag är svensk. I am a swede 🇸🇪

  • I want a song about Hakkapeliittas (Finnish Light Cavalty units on Swedish Army)!

  • Please do one for the American colonial army

  • I'm gladly I ▶️ on a Swedish 🇸🇪 tanks in War ⚡

  • The moment when you, as a German, can sing the original better than the English version

  • Вы приезжайте в гости! Друзей Россия примет с Хлебом и Солью!

  • Вы супер! Русские любят Вас парни! Не верьте , что говорят про Россию! Все ,что говорят и пишут - это провокация! Россия никогда ни хотела и не хочет войны!

  • Dear friends, I really respect your creativity. I wish your group all the best. I would like to hear your opinion about Koryagin's feat. I think you will like it. 


  • I hope they Use this song in IKEA

    • They already have a song for Ikea: "Valhalleluja" by Nanowar.

  • I wasn't expecting to hear Sabaton play Fairest Lord Jesus.

    • According to Joakim, "Primo Victoria" was also inspired by Lutheran hymns.

  • My mom doesn't even listen to heavy metal and she likes this song

    • You're an epic family!

  • Man... nearest concert is full days of driving away... Could you guys come to Washington state in the US?

  • long live the Sabaton! Grettings from Serbia

  • When new song? :p

  • the like to dislike ratio is a rare sight by itself

  • Länge leva det svenska riket! Edit: May what's left of the Swedish Empire be remembered fondly