SABATON - Unbreakable (Official Lyric Video)

Publicerades den 15 jun 2021
The official lyric video for Unbreakable by Sabaton, taken from the album The Art Of War.
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========= Unbreakable LYRICS =========

It’s under crimson skies hell’s horizon
Our trap will spring
Unaware of our presence they’ll be marching
Straight to their doom

We are prepared for war ready to fire
Stand by to charge
Counting down as they march into destruction
Their time has come

They’ll never know we give no warning
We set a trap they took the bait
Leading them straight into hell

They will not live to tell the tale
We’ll strike at dusk and fight ’til dawn
Tonight our foe is bound to fail
Our time is now all ready at arms

Upon our chosen ground dead men marching
No sign of hope
Victory will be ours before the dawn breaks
Tonight we charge

Chaos and disorder sound of the attack
Charging down the mountain frontal assault
Guns light up the darkness mortars rip the ground
Like a force of nature shaking the field

They’ll never know we give no warning
We set a trap they took the bait
Cut off retreat

The beast within berserker rage is
A storm a force unbreakable warmachine

Victims of the ambush
Stains the ground with blood
Fields of execution murderous plan
Soldiers turn to madmen in the dead of night
Fighting with a fury fiery eyes


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    • You guys have a lot of great songs. And i mean a lot! But this one is frigging epic!

    • @Sabaton you guys playing in Denver Colorado awesome

    • @nuckingfutsguy I think it's about partisans in WW2

    • @William Marsh my first thought on that is one for apollo 1 “i think the one with the fire” The second is the one that only very narrowly made it back “ without googling think it was apollo 10”.

    • This song like every song is absolutely great. Do you think that you might make one for the space race I mean it is part of history and has its own heroes.

  • Is this about Operation Barbarossa? Sounds like it. I can't understand how people think its about anti-german partisans when it says: "Berserker Rage" and "Unbreakable Warmachine"

    • @Miller Peshek really? sources pls, would be interested.

    • @Garden Gecko Because it's literally what they said it was about?

    • @Miller Peshek still makes no lyrical sense why would a partisan movement be called "Unbreakable Warmachine" and have the very germanic in origin "Berserker Rage" when the most prominent partisan groups were slavs and gallic french?

    • Its just about Guerilla and Partisan warfare in general

  • 2:58

  • Countless times I have fallen and lost my way, ready to give up completely. It is in those times, in those darkest hours that Sabaton has found me and my strength is renewed. Harnessing the force of my ancestors and the fearless heroes before me, I am able to regain my power against incredible odds. Thank you Sabaton for giving me the courage to forge ahead and continue to fight. And to everyone feeling the same just know that we stand together, always ❤

  • I get the vibe that the same people who like sabaton also like Star Wars, lord of the rings and fat ribeye steaks

  • 3:00 best part imo

  • Metallica - Fade to black, approved.

  • I know this song exists but please make a song about Yugoslav partisans

  • People keep saying this has no specific history behind it, but actually this is just a song about Joakim taking down bullies in school.

  • 1:44 Fade to black great song ❤️❤️

  • My fav sabaton song

  • Kungligt

  • I really like it, but can somebody tell me why it sound so familiar to something much older, maybe from Rainbow?

    • Rainbow - A Light in the Black.

  • 4:30

  • Hello, you who are reciting poetry from the heroes of the war, is it possible that one day you will also recite a poem about a hero and a myth in Iran named General Nader Jahanbani? He did not escape death and told the soldiers, "I must die so that the truth may live. Maybe if you knew who he was and read a poem to this person, maybe the truth he was looking for would live." Iranian general Nader Jahanbani known as General Blue Eyes. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • wait which country is this about?

  • I wonder when you guys are going to do something about the Yugoslav partisans because boy are their stories hilarious. "Randomly armed men attack from bushes in Balkans; Germany scared shitless"

  • "By holding out baits,he keeps him on the march. Then,with the body of picked men,he buys a grapefruit."

  • I just realised how recent this song is. I'm happy your songs popped up in my recommended :)

  • I smell Metallica in that guitar riff....

  • Народ выручайте, откуда риф взят, который с 3:02 идет. Стопудово где то у классиков рока слышал, а вспомнить не могу. PS. Нашел, Rainbow - A Light in the Black .

  • these songs are the thing that got me into history ill thank you for that :)

  • This song reminds me of my dad who passed away in 2011. After the Yugoslavian civil war when he returned home, 8 years after I was born I kept asking him what they did in the war, he never talked about it. I could see the pain he had in his eyes.

  • When i listen to sabatons songs i feel like im in a battle and im the hero💪 but in reality im going to hide in my hole⁉️🤣

  • Is this about the winter war? I’m confused I see a lot of wintery soldiers, it’s still an amazing song

    • Talvisota already covers the Winter War, so I'm not sure.

  • Perfect

  • Is this new?

  • The division name: the Reich snapping turtles. And i loved it. The song. Am a Big french fan.

  • I love it

  • the guitar sounds like metallica - the memory remains, in some parts, or is it just me lol

  • i love all your work ! love from the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth !

  • Sabaton: Releases song Everyone on the internet: "Wire that down, write that down!"

  • It's a medley of Fade to Black and It snows in hell... Lol

  • Sad thing is that I haven't found this before

  • It's actually really unfortunnate that Civil War left, even though Civil War is still a good band on its own

  • welcome in the 2022 and win for all Human!!!

  • No charcter stfu

  • See you in September. Reading. Looking forward 😃.

  • Me: *watches unbreakable over 9 million times* My mom: why are you watching unbreakable over 9 million times Me: I'm learning

  • Please make a song about the бретская крепость to 22 June RU

  • So far so good! Store!

  • YOU youngsters bow to your feet in Russian for telling how our grandfathers and grandmothers fought ...

  • I hope Sabaton will make a song about the history of Latin America, about its wars.

  • Sabayon is greatest history of the world! Greetings from Brazil 🇧🇷

    • Thanks! Greetings from Sweden!

  • Bravo. When they all twist the facts, you remind. Respect


  • Clever bait for me to visit your store, you mean. Putting a T-Shirt with the Iron Cross on it and then having a similar red shirt there with a SOVIET RED STAR, with the IRON CROSS nowhere to be seen - you set the trap, I took the bait. xD

  • Nb

  • I long for the day Sabaton makes a song about the 20 year siege of Cardia

  • I do enjoy the rather history themed songs one of the few reasons i am studying the technologies and trying to land a copy of the art of war

  • I haven't stopped listening tp this amazing for a month straight

    • We feel you like this song 😎

  • I would really love to see a historical fiction tv series about WW2 with a sabaton soundtrack Covering a multitude of characters in across diverse fronts with most actually dying throughout the plot

  • For a minute I thought I clicked on iron man black sabbath video instead 😅

  • I always thought this was about the french resistance!

    • It's just about resistance and guerilla warfare in general

  • Imagine what would I listen to if I would not find sabaton

  • May I get liked by Sabaton?

  • 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪from a German vetaran greatings from Bavaria Germany 🇩🇪🍺🍺

  • Epic

  • Praise the Lord for Sabaton 🙌🙌

  • Epic as always

  • I don’t know if it is flying over my head but what is this song about

    • @Iosef Stalin yeah, if it is at least, then it hasn't been made clear. Many assume it's about the Partisans, as they were the most famous guerilla fighters in ww2.

    • @Anigamer thanks i just wanted to know if this was about a specific incident but that makes perfect sense

    • The song is about the horrors of guerilla combat.

  • this song deserve real war footage.

  • See there is metal and then there is historical steel

  • I love Sabaton

  • Can hear the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath riff in there..

  • Респект)))) respect

  • ..erinnert mich irgendwie an Harry Potter mit seinen sprechenden Zeitungen,aber alles andere saugutt !!

  • This song is one of Sabaton's greatest!

  • at 3:41 and 4:58 "they never knew, we gave no warning"

  • Great from Germany... Sabaton make best Music from The WWII

  • Will you make some songs about WW2 in Yugoslavia?

  • Will you do a Music Video to Unbreakable, too?

  • Anti-Fascist Struggle Day is a national holiday in Croatia. It is celebrated on 22 June, marking the events that happened in World War II, the forming of the First Sisak Partisan Detachment on 22 June 1941, and in general the uprising of the anti-fascist Croatian wing of the Yugoslav Partisans against the forces of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and their puppet state―Independent State of Croatia. "SFSN!"

  • You are best musiction

  • Maybe someday I will see this powerful group in my real life. But now I am waiting it here, in Far East of Russia, and doing everything to realize my dream!

  • Been with you since Primo Victoria. Never ceases to impress me

  • ✊😎👍

  • Жаль нет субтитров по-русски!Ребята вас слушают в оригинале даже не зная языка!Пожалуйста!

  • Dmitri: Yuri! When I say 'kill the', you say 'Fins' Dmitri:Kill the Yuri:Fins Dmitri:Kill the A random patch of snow:Soviets Dmitri: That's not how it go- oh shit...

    • Oh shit fin`s sniper, he will write us as killed, and go to home, they can fight only with civilians

    • just perfect

  • Ngl these guys should do a song about Joe Beyrle

  • Saba i hi

  • I guess Saba you.

  • 👣

  • Such a masterpiece guys. Thanks for all your music which you gave to us🙏🙏. Keep up the good work. I believe that one day I will be able to see you on stage.


  • I klicked the 15000th like lol

  • ok, now we get 3 songs in one

  • Great 👍👍👍

  • If you have a favorite Sabaton song/album. *You ain't a true Sabaton fan*

  • They never knew. We gave no warning...I truly want to know the inspiration. OMG! WTF! Where did this come from? How do they do it?

    • Partisan guerilla warfare during WWII

  • Glorious song i didn't give enough attention until now! Unbelievable how good this is!

  • This is poggers

  • "Вечная память Павшим героям! Вечная слава Тем, кто живёт!"

  • Another amazing piece thank you Sabaton!

  • This song is a treasure only for people who have patience to wait for the heavy part

  • Fuckkkkk, i got goosebumps and I am not even 20 sec in

  • One of the best songs of Sabaton!

  • That riff is gold at the beginning. First it sounds almost like paranoid of Black Sabbath but there is a small diffrence. Really great riff and lyrics. This is Sabaton in it's Beast form. They are a force nobody can beat! A true war machine🤘🤘🤘

  • I always feel like it should go "Tonight our foe is bound to FALL"

  • Better than Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, much better!