Thank you message from Pär and Joakim for passing 1 MILLION Subscribers!

Publicerades den 7 mar 2021
We are one metal band and you are one of the over a Million people following our SElists channel..
For the past 15 years we have built a very living channel together. We have been filming a lot of videos, but really they mean nothing if nobody is watching them, liking them or sharing them. That's why we are in this together.
Over the years we've uploaded hundreds of videos - anything from live footage, tour videos, behind the scenes, studio diaries, lyric videos, and so much more. And it doesn't stop there our friends.
One of the best things that we as artists get to do, is to release new music to you guys. And to premiere it on SElists, catching your comments, is absolutely amazing! So keep on watching, and we will keep on making music and videos.
If you want to be the first to know when we release new music, subscribe to our channel here:
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Join millions of fans in our great community on SElists, and thank you so much for all the subscriptions. Let's go for 2 million!



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  • I know I'm super late but HELL YEAH FROM MERICA

  • Only 1 million? You guys deserve a billion! Keep it up!

  • To the hardest working band in the world! Congratulations and thank YOU!

    • Thanks for your support!

  • Larga vida a SABATON

  • They rly love their fans. Each and every email I sent to them I received a reply within 10 days from a staff member. They are amazing. Thank you for what you are doing and for who you are. SABATON

  • Молодцы, поздравляем) Теперь надо до 10 лямов дотянуть минимум)

  • My 13 year old son told me I needed to check you out a couple weeks ago and I don't really have the words to explain how much I immediately fell in love with you guys. I didn't think I'd be this excited about a band since I heard Iron Maiden 20 or so years ago. I wish I'd known about you 15 years ago but I'm fucking damn glad to be here today!!

  • Love the videos! Need to see you live again!

  • Congratulations, Guys! Congratulations 🎊

  • I am 13 years old but I love sabaton songs

  • Happy-pants fun-flounder factory!

  • No se merecen el botón del millón se merecen el de diamante de los 10 millones

    • @Sabaton de gracias sweden

    • Gracias!

  • Congratulations from paraguay, thanks for all the perfect music

  • You are the best band in the world

  • We won the battle, but not the war

  • Это ваша PRIMO VICTORIA ✨🥳✨👏❤️

  • Pffft thanking us. It's you boys making the music! Its just us nerdy metal heads soaking them all up.

  • i love your songs sabaton

  • From Russia with Love, my Friends! Thanks for all!

  • Россияне, сколько нас здесь собралось?)

  • We have to thank you guys for your great Metal Rock on. 🤟

  • Jäkla bra musik ni gör och om Historia

  • Congrats!

  • You deserve it guys

  • Thanks for the great songs. For the topics that you bring up in your songs. Keep it up ! In Russia they listen to you and love you.

  • Thank you, for making so great music for us! Greetings from Russia!

  • Congratulations from Austria T(h)ank you Sabaton for making amazing music Ps: I like to steal puns xD



  • I love that the background music was ghosts in the trenches

  • Joakim Brodèn is one of the greatest rock singer ever

  • saying thanks for one million , and already 120.000 more 15 days after lol

  • Favorite band dude. You guys are awesome 😎

  • Skvělý, 50% čech, ale jak je dáno. Co čech to muzikant ;) Jen tak dál :)

  • What can I say except you're Welcome. Just kidding. Congratulatins from Germany.

  • Congrats!! Well deserved!! All hail SABATON!! Here's to 1 million more subscribers!!

  • Keep up the good work!


  • Amazing music made from amazing people while telling the stories of brave men

  • Well deserved!

  • Thank you so much Sabaton for everything and congrats for this great step of your awesome career you’ve just reached ! Your music is such an inspiration for all of us fans. We love you ! Keep goin’ guys and greeting from the city of the famous “Last stand”,Rome 🇮🇹 Could you please make songs about the glorious Roman Empire and the Italian Army in wwi/wwii ? I’m pretty sure you will ‘cause you are the only band that listens to its community ! Thank you again ♥️

  • You deserve the play button because you guys make history much fun (Edit) I got low score on history but after I heard lots of music from you I could understand some and then I got a high score at history because of you thank you very much.

    • Thank you for appreciating it!

  • Los Mejores.

    • Gracias Juan!

  • You deserved it sabaton!

    • Thanks, Austin!

  • What a wonderful event!

  • the like to dislike ratio is just glorious

  • A quite popular and interesting character in history might be 'unsinkable Sam' the cat, it'd be really cool if ever a song was made for this legend from 2 navy's! Love all your music and congrats to the 1 Million subs! :)

  • I really hope you Sabaton will make a song about the austro-hungarian empire. It would be great

  • Very well deserved for such an epic band. Well done guys. 🤘🤘


  • Поздравляю! Вы этого достойны!

  • In fact, they deserve more

    • We'll have more in the future!

  • So glad I discovered Sabaton on twitch before the DMCA stuff.

  • Я люблю сабатон ))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Idk if yall will ever do this but I would love to see a song about Carlos hathkok, a US marine sniper in the Vietnam War, you don't have to but I would love to see it one day

  • Congratulations Sabaton Ich mag die Songs, die ihr macht, wirklich

  • Congratulations!

  • These band are my heroes on this passing times. much love from Philippines.

    • Greetings from Sweden!

  • Grüße aus Deutschland und ihr seid großartig ihr erzählt geschichte wie es niemand erzählen kann ich hoffe ihr macht weiter so und ich hoffe es gibt balt wieder eine neue Version von noch ein bier 🍻

  • Y E S S I R

  • Im sticking around for years. Keep it up Sabaton, you guys are the best

    • To create music is part of our job...and we love it

  • How about a song about Stauffenberg

  • Please make a song about White Death

  • Can you make a song about defense of pleven pls. Congrats btw

  • Greetings from the Czech Republic and congratulations. I learned more about history from you than at school.

    • We're complementary lessons!

  • When is the new album coming out?

  • thx but please make more objective song about my nation, Cuz ı love sabaton...

    • Oh, please send your song ideas to our website, so that we can take a closer look:

  • Congratulations on the milestone. Thank you for creating such awesome content.

    • And thank you for following us!

  • Jag ser framför mig att ni vinner i melodifestivalen 2022

  • You deserved that’s!

  • you guy need to make a song about the battle of jutland

  • Congratulations.

  • Congratulations, Gentleman For reaching 1 Mio subscribers, LETS GET 2 MILLION 💪🏻

  • No problem,long live sabaton!


  • Congratulation sabaton i'love you'r muiusic

  • I dare you guys to do a song using everyday objects instead of instruments!

  • Congratulations on passing 1 million. Not many people get to have that many. Let's see if we can get to 10 million :D

  • Love the music. Been a fan for years now. Keep the good music coming ! But uhm.. Can we have the full track of the background track? I just love it. edit: I did not know this, but there is a soundtrack album of The Great War... Why did I not know this?

  • Rise of sabotan

  • You very well deserved it guys 👍

  • Mais do que merecido , bora pros 2milhões .

  • No, thank you! Congratulations!

  • 2Million too low it has to go HIGHER!!

  • Who's Pär looking at?))) 🙃

  • Sabaton make a song about 1m subscribers

  • Congrats gents. Can't wait for a new album.

  • If I can I'm gonna try and catch y'all in Charlotte! Keep on rocking guys 🤘🤘🤘

  • They deserve it.

  • Guys Thank you to you, really good job!.

  • The army is now over a million strong.


  • Please turkish music craft

  • They are the panzer elite, born to compete, never retreat (ghost division) Living or dead, always ahead, fed by your dread

  • Wow🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Nice....nice!

  • Semper fidelis

  • Good Job Boys!!!

  • I was a fan of yoursduring the pandemic and a fan for half a year.

  • Stort grattis världens bästa band 🤟🤟